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Hospital Manager

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 12 - 2014

I need a doctor!

If you’ve played Theme Hospital before then Hospital Manager by Microïds and Anuman on iOS and Android might just be the hospital treatment you’ve been yearning for on your mobile or tablet.

Hospital Manager follows the familiar mechanics of Theme Hospital, whereby this time management title puts you in charge of a number of hospitals with a certain number of difficulties, from patients who sleep walk and have various ailments to having your hospital being overrun with zombies.

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The game starts you off with a simple tutorial from opening your hospital, placing a number of treatment and recovery rooms, and purchasing a selection of objects to keep your patients happy and relaxed. You’re in charge of building rooms, employing staff such as doctors, nurses and psychiatrists, and the overall running of your average hospital. However, your good intentions of building a reliable and reputable establishment will always come under scrutiny as problems will plague your efforts.

Expanding your hospital is relatively easy, you’ve got no predicted outcast and things generally run smoothly. You’ll be welcomed by Dr Karim, who shows you the basics of your missions in hospital management, how to handle patients with certain diseases and earning a good reputation. Essentially reputation is needed so you can be the best hospital in the country.

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Patient care is performed in a series of steps from a diagnosis to treatment. If you’re successful, the patient is eventually cured and is able to return home and thus gaining you reputation. But if the treatment plan doesn’t go well, the patients leave and you’ll lose your reputation and integrity as a reliable hospital.

Hospital management requires you to take care of your patients through busy periods, before they enter diagnosis and treatment rooms, and just like every other patient, they hate waiting around. Waiting for too long affects their mood, and if it becomes to low, they get moody and leave. As management, you’ll need to purchase benches so long lines of waiting queues don’t form and keep them relatively happy. Happiness is gauged through how quick your response is, to how entertained the patients are. Purchasing pictures, news-stands and vending machines checks the quota for happiness, but so does hiring a clown to walk around the environment entertaining them.

You’ll be given a different amount of cash to play around with in each mission, but you’ve got to keep an eye on the people you employ and whether they need extensive training in their chosen field of expertise. For instance, if you don’t look after your staff and train them up, they become slack and lazy. Also, building a break room will allow your staff to rest and recuperate in their own environment, so they feel fully rejuvenated.

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You’ll have set circumstances and problems in each hospital. Patients will wander in suffering from sleep walking and you’ll need to build a macroshocks room in order to help them, where they wander into an area with a pair of boxing gloves that will beat them around the face until they wake up. You’ll have patients arrive at your hospital with a multitude of ailments, such as the vomiting bug virus, where patients vomit everywhere, or patients who are zombies or coffeeholics. Everyone needs to be diagnosed and treated in a fixed amount of time, alongside building pharmacies to psychiatry rooms. You’ll need to gain a good reputation,  complete the first month to obtain a financial statement and hopefully have enough change to purchase your next band-aid.

Hospital Manager is a great time management game, where you have full control over a number of hospitals and patients that you’re required to get well again. There’s a good variety of illnesses and ailments to cure, along with the usual hospital difficulties. Collecting cash from patients is easy and you’ll find yourself diagnosing and treating patients left, right and center. You’ll be required to build key treatment areas, as well as balancing staff and finances in a fixed amount of time. The only downfall I felt with this game was the fact a number of advertisements appeared on screen, which interrupted my game-play experience on occasions. This is a bit cheeky for a paid game, and there are even in-app purchases available to bolster the developers cash flow, so I do feel the advertisements are overkill.

Visually the game is very appealing to the eye, with detailed environments and nice animations, very reminiscent of the classic Theme Hospital. The touch screen controls also work very well, making the game a breeze to play.

If you’ve got the bedside manner and the drive to be the most reputable hospital in the country, then my diagnosis is simple – you need Hospital Manager on your iOS device.



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