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Magicka: Wizard Wars Early Access Preview

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 9 - 2014

Paradox Interactive cast their spell over the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

The Magicka games have been around for a while now, providing as much magical death through friendly fire as anything else. However, this time around, developers Paradox North are bringing the joy of mixing elements into an entertaining spell to the MOBA genre with the free-to-play Magicka: Wizard Wars.


Magicka: Wizard Wars recently entered open beta and is available on Steam through Early Access. The game is free to download and enjoy, although there are a selection of special packs available to purchase that will give the buyer some interesting new robes and equipment for their wizard. While these are certainly nice and will appeal to those who want to stand out on the battlefield, Wizard Wars is by no means a pay to win title , and so players will be able to enjoy it for free for as long as they want. That’s not to say that Paradox Interactive don’t want you to spend money on items in their game, and some of those robes really do look nice…

The core of the game puts the player in control of a wizard with questionable mastery over eight different elements. Each of these elements are assigned a different key on the keyboard, and the player gets to combine three elements by pressing the appropriate keys and unleashing them as a wondrous spell, either on themselves or against other wizards. With so many different combinations available to create spells, and friendly fire turned on by default, chaos is generally the outcome.


A few basic spells come quite easily and new players will find themselves quickly relying on these particular spells. However, after being smashed to pieces, electrocuted, drowned or burnt to a crisp in creative ways many times by enemy and friendly wizards, players will soon start experimenting and begin to evolve into a wizardly powerhouse.

There are also four abilities that the player will unlock through the course of a match, by killing imps or capturing respawn points and such, with each assigned to a hotkey. These abilities start with the more mundane Haste which allows the player to move very quickly, to the very impressive Meteor Shower that rains down fiery hell on anyone who happens to be in the way.

Playing the game will lead to leveling up for the player, and that means unlocking new abilities. These abilities are being added as the game development progresses, but there are already some really powers that can really change the course of the game, such as the ever entertaining Tornado and Tidal Wave. Leveling up gives the player the chance to choose which abilities to unlock, further customizing their spell flingers.


So, yeah. With spells flying all over the place, Wizard Wars is more than a bit bit chaotic. However, the game does give the player a nice, peaceful place to practice their craft, facing off against a training dummy or spawning imps. There are also one on one matches should a grudge form between team mates that needs to be settled. But the real star of Wizard Wars is the 4v4 multiplayer matches. It is here that each team will be given a fixed number of respawns and the losing team are the ones that can no longer respawn. Obviously, this can be achieved through simply systematically wiping out the opponents over and over again. But each of the battle arenas also have respawn points which can be captured. Capture them all, and the opposing team cannot respawn, thus losing the game.

Then there is the customization in Wizard Wars. Players can pay real money or in-game money to buy a variety of different items to make their wizard look unique. These items can also affect the health of the wizard, or the movement speed, or even the different elements that they have to play with, making some wizards more proficient with certain elements than others. Robes, staffs, various trinkets, are all available to pimp your wizard, along with a selection of melee weapons because sometimes a spell just isn’t the best way to finish off an opponent.


Magicka: Wizard Wars is a game in development. The fact that it is so playable and so enjoyable at the moment suggests that it will, once really finished, really be something special. It is free-to-play, so dust off your robes, choose your favorite staff and join the fun now.


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