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Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 30 - 2014

Go all Norse with Gojira’s puzzle platformer.

Munin, the 2D physics based puzzle game from Gojira and Daedalic Entertainment for PC tells the interesting story of Munin, the faithful raven who was a loyal messenger to Odin. Munin has been stripped of her wings by the mischevious Loki and has been transformed into a mortal girl. Unable to fly, Munin is determined to search the nine worlds of Yggdrasil to recover her lost feathers and return once again to Asgard.

munin review 1

You take the role of Munin, exploring the environment by jumping and walking, but with limitations on where you can go, due to the fact that without your wings, you’re pretty much grounded. However, all is not lost as Munin can change the environment by clicking and rotating squares, which can create paths and walkways that match up, thus enabling you to set a route to leave the area or collect the black feathers. Rotating squares to change the environment can be done with one square or multiple squares. However, you cannot rotate the square you’re standing in, so a lot of planning ahead is required to reach your destination.

The game is made up of nine levels, which can be both challenging and frustrating at times. The player will find themselves mucking around with boulders or working out the physics of flowing water, to dealing with moving platforms as they complete areas. In the early game, the puzzles are relatively straight forward and don’t take much to figure out.

munin review 2

Further down the line however, the puzzles take a turn for the worse and become much more complicated and challenging, which can lead to a defeated feeling. The mechanics of the game are sound, from rotating the squares to solve the puzzles to the precise jumps that may be needed so you don’t find yourself falling into the pits below.

While the game is visually quite stunning, pulling you into a slightly dark and sinister world, constantly having to redo puzzles to get the solution right, or grab one last feather that you couldn’t reach before, does tarnish the game with a slightly repetitive feeling. The puzzles rely a lot on trial and error and, although it is quite gratifying to finally complete a level, the difficult gameplay may leave you feeling a bit disheartened.

munin review 3

Munin does have its merits, even though the core puzzle element is a little hit and miss. The game is visually appealing, setting a dark and moody atmosphere over the game world, and the soundtrack matches very well with the mood and feeling of the game. It is just a shame that such a lovely looking game is let down by the puzzles that make up the core gamplay. While some are enjoyable, the reward for solving them is not always as great as you would expect. Munin does tend to drag a little as well.

Overall, Munin was a little disappointing and didn’t quite tick all the boxes I wanted in a puzzle game. Munin had the potential to be a brilliant and unique indie puzzle platformer, but ultimately fell short in its execution.



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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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