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Rising Generals At E3

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 4 - 2014

More to come from this year’s E3 event. InnoGames will be showing off the cross-platform gameplay, across iOS, Android and browsers, for their upcoming strategy game Rising Generals.

Development with Adobe Air allowed the team to build the game for iOS, Android and browsers simultaneously and focus on optimizing multiplayer for up to 40.000 players on one map. To boost performance and support the use of native hardware on all devices, other Adobe tools like action script and Stage 3D were used as well.

“We made sure that it is possible to zoom onto the game map seamlessly, enjoy a visually appealing management of your secret underground base and watch your troops crushing enemies in combat,” explains Christoph Schmidt, Producer of Rising Generals. “Also, we built one user interface that works on all devices – we started to optimize for mobile first and went on from there”, he adds. Key to the game’s performance on all devices was the flexibility to add native sources to the mix, even while developing on all platforms simultaneously: “The 3D graphics and effects, especially on mobile devices, would not have been possible without GPU utilization at all”, says Hans-Christian Kientopf, graphic programmer of the team.

In Rising Generals, players become commander of a military base, which needs to be quickly upgraded and staffed with troops in order to defend against and attack hostile neighbors. Unlockable technologies as well as officers and generals provide helpful bonuses and perks. Aimed at triggering instant action, Rising Generals progresses at a significantly higher speed than other online strategy games. Real-time 3D animations give each battle a unique feeling, and more than 20 units provide players with lots of strategic options.










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