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Monster Head On iOS July 24th

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 14 - 2014

Two flavours of Robot Rocket Games’ iOS tapping game will be launched on July 24th – a free, ad-funded version and a $1.99 ad-free version which will be available for free on launch day.


If there’s one thing Monsters love – it’s donuts! In Monster Head, players must quickly tap donuts to feed a horned, blue Monster with an absurdly large tongue. However, his appetite is never quite sated. A hunger meter looms overhead, slowly depleting toward the monster’s demise. Players will need quick reflexes and strategic sense to keep him from peril. Noxious poison bottles, Burning Hot Coffee and other deadly items will keep players on their toes as they try to reach higher levels, scores and achievements. They’ll need to use special power-ups like hammers, snow cones and milk to lap up several donuts at once or destroy threatening objects. In addition, players will charge up to enter Gold Mode every ten levels, sending Monster into a donut-eating frenzy that reward players bonus coins and lots of points.

‘The goal is simply to tap donuts and keep the Monster’s hunger meter from going empty…’ says Bruno Moore, Artist and Game Designer at Robot Rocket Games. ‘If the player doesn’t keep him fed, his hunger meter drains and he dies. It seems easy when you start playing… but it quickly becomes quite challenging.’ states Moore.

‘We knew early in development that other tap games on phones can be a little exhausting…’ explains Casey Siemon, Lead Developer at the two-man studio. ‘After playing a while, players can feel fatigued and it stops being rewarding or fun. We took an early approach to solving this by adding in milestones we elegantly refer to as Gold Mode. Every ten levels, players will have a chance to enter Gold Mode and collect thousands of extra points and bonus coins. It’s extremely rewarding for the player and also gives them a needed break from the frenzied gameplay before the next wave of levels.’

Players will need to look for combos (tapping three donuts of the same color in a row) that fill the hunger meter up faster and reward bonus points. ‘Donut combos are the heart of the game play experience…’ explains Moore. ‘Without them, players won’t reach higher levels. Looking for these combinations is often the difference between monster life and death.’

Moore goes on to say that players will generate coins every time they level up. The coins are an in-game currency they can use to continue their play session when the monster dies. Players can accumulate their own stockpile of coins by leveling up or purchasing stacks of them in the Monster Head store.

‘Monster Head coins aren’t much different than the ones you would use at an arcade…’ explains Siemon. ‘On those machines, if you want to achieve a higher score when the game is over, you put a quarter or token in and keep playing. The difference is, you don’t have to spend anything playing Monster Head…’ says Siemon ‘but the option is there if you want to compete with your friends or climb the global leaderboards with your highest score. We also added boards for Highest Level and my personal favorite, All Time Donuts (eaten). Players choose how they compete with their friends or other players.’

Monster Head includes limitless gameplay and hundreds of challenging levels. Once the player defeats the first 100 introductory stages, levels are then randomly generated using a variety of toxic, deadly items. ‘We designed Monster Head with both casual gamers in mind who only have a few moments to play…’ says Moore ‘as well as veteran mobile gamers who want freedom to be highly competitive. The best players will be early adopters who can’t put it down.’


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