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Monster Head

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 29 - 2014

This monster is heading for Diabetes, if the poison and hammers don’t get him first.

Monster Head from Robot Rocket Games is now available as a universal app for iOS devices and challenges the player to feed a floating monster head to keep him from dying. Nothing could be simpler, right?

Screenshot 1_600x1065

Monster Head is a simple reflex based high score chasing game for iOS devices. There is no story to be found, but an explanation of what is happening on screen could have been entertaining.

In the centre of the screen is a cute, cartoony monster head. Where is his body? Who knows. This monster head has a high metabolism and must be constantly fed with sweet, sugary donuts to stay alive. A constantly diminishing bar at the top of the screen represents the monsters hunger and tapping donuts as they fly across the screen tops this bar up and allows the player to keep on tapping. Who is throwing these donuts and why is another question.

Because whoever is providing the means to feed the monster head also has a nasty streak as they will be throwing less delicious things across the screen, such as bottles of poison, hot coffee or hammers. While the obvious hazards of tapping the poison will bring the player one step closer to game over, the hammers are actually a power up that will remove the poisons for a few brief seconds. Go figure, throwing hammers at a monster head is actually a good thing!

Things get crazy pretty quickly, with all manner of objects flying across the screen to be clicked or avoided, and it quickly becomes apparent that the route to a high score comes from combos. Tapping successive donuts of the same type, be it brown or blue or any other of the multicolored food items, will see the player achieving those massive scores and boosting the bar on the screen to allow for even more time to play. Every so often, another level will begin and yet more food stuffs and hazards will be added to the rapidly increasing number of items that are zipping across the screen.

There is not much more to Monster Head than tapping donuts, avoiding hazards and getting a high score. It is a simple game, a distraction along the same idea as games such as Fruit Ninja. But where the game succeeds is in the desire to play just one more time and get a better score. If you happen to be amongst a group of friends who are also playing the game, competition will raise its ugly head and you will lose more hours to this title than perhaps you should.

Monster Head is exactly what it looks like, a tapping reaction game with the only reward being the score. As the player progresses, new items will be added to the mix and the on-screen action will get crazier. The visuals are bright and simple, and with a certain amount of cuteness.

Screenshot 3_600x1065

If you want to test your reflexes on your iOS device, there are plenty of options out there. But if you want to keep a floating monster head fed, then Monster Head from Robot Rocket Games is the only way to go. It is good at what it does.




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