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BradyGames Destiny Signature Series Guide

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 30 - 2014

Are you struggling with Destiny? Are the Vex proving too much? Do you have Engram envy? BradyGames may have the cure…

Bungie’s Destiny is a great game, running around Russia, the Moon and other planets, shooting evil aliens and gathering so much glorious loot. But it can also be a confusing game, especially when you hit level 20 and your Guardian’s leveling up starts to rely on the collecting of light. However, for those trying to understand the complexities of the game and get an advantage, or those simply wishing to engorge themselves on everything this new, expanding, game world has to offer, there is a BradyGames Guide.


Packing in a not-insignificant 400 pages of information, maps, illustrations and screenshots, the BradyGames Signature Series Guide for Destiny on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox360 is a hefty tome. Some games simply don’t require a guide to get the most from them, either because they are too short, too linear or embrace a certain chaos that revels in the player not really knowing what is going on. But even after the Destiny Beta, it was apparent that Bungie were not going to explain in enough detail how the game should be played, so a guide is certainly a good idea, and preferable to spending hours searching around the Internet for answers.

The guide begins with a brief introduction to Bungie’s latest title, before launching into the Field Manual. Here we find information explaining the different races and classes, how combat works, vehicles, equipment, customization and inventory. There is also a handy section giving some examples of different Guardian builds and what type of play they would be suitable for, which is a nice inclusion as being able to tailor your Guardian to your play style really does require a plan in advance.

Then there is Navigation and the all-important guide to progression. Here, things like Light Level, Factions, Reputation and Difficulty are explained, making the post-level 20 game that little bit easier to understand.

So, the Field Manual explains the basics of how to play. Next up, the guide goes into detail about the missions in the game, moving from the Tower all the way through to Mars. For anyone struggling with the story and the various bosses that the player will come across, this section will be invaluable. Each mission comes with a map showing objective points and walks the player through to completion. There are also sections describing the changes that players will face when applying Heroic or Epic Mission Modifiers, along with tips on how to best overcome these increased difficulties.

A guide to the missions may not be for everyone, but forewarned is forearmed so the next section, The Codex, is a must read for all Guardians. Get background knowledge on the alien races that the player will be facing in Destiny, with separate sections for the Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal, along with tactics for when facing them and weaknesses to watch out for.

The largest section in the guide is the Armory, and it is no real surprise given the huge numbers of weapons available in the game. Here, we have page after page of tables and charts describing not only every weapon in the game thus far, along with their rarity, type and description, but also things like range, recoil, mod stats and even a glorious list of the highly desirable Exotic equipment that the player may be lucky enough to come across. The Armory section is exhaustive and will give plenty for stat lovers to drool over.

We then head to the Crucible for some PvP action. Here, players will find some decent tips on how to approach the player vs play game, and maybe how to stay alive that little bit longer. It then goes into detail about the different game modes before detailing each of the maps currently available along with tactics that players can use on these maps. Nothing can really beat practice for getting better in the Crucible, but this part of the guide certainly can help.

Finally, the Destiny guide gives up all the information you could need regarding trophies and achievements. If you happen to be serious about your achievements or trophies, then this section will set you on the right path.


There are no real surprises in the BradyGames Destiny Guide. Everything that is currently available and not subject to change is covered in detail, tips are given that will make the player better, and it is a damn good read. It may not be the next Loot Cave, but the BradyGames Guide has everything the player needs to enjoy Destiny as Bungie intended, and get loads of great loot along the way.




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