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Babel Rising

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Dream Trigger 3D Arcade Shooter On 3DS

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Fighter Within Gameplay Trailer

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Green Man Gaming Offering OnLive Subscriptions

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 26 - 2014

The cloud gaming pioneer and the online retailer have announced a partnership where GMG will offer access to OnLive services.

Green Man Gaming customers who link their Steam account to their Playfire account can earn Playfire Rewards on selected titles. Now with the benefit of subscribing to OnLive, not only will customers gain instant access to over 250 games to play anytime via the cloud, they also can access a huge variety of games from their Steam library, which in the future will include titles with Playfire Rewards attached!

“Our core mission is to always go beyond a sale,” said Paul Sulyok, CEO at Green Man Gaming. “Offering our customers the ability to now play their games wherever they like on multiple platforms thanks to OnLive’s CloudLift service, plus the chance to earn Playfire Rewards on selected titles makes this not just a very exciting partnership, but makes it a great time to be a gamer!”

Rick Sanchez, VP Product and Marketing from OnLive said: “We’ve been seriously impressed by how Green Man Gaming works for its community, continually shaping the offerings to a seemingly individual level. Now that we’re coming out of beta, we can see a great fit for OnLive’s subscriptions with Green Man Gaming’s audience.”

Since its launch in 2010, OnLive has empowered premium-quality gaming via the cloud on platforms that historically have had poor-quality or no gaming options. Now, wherever they are, Green Man Gaming customers who subscribe to the OnLive Game Service can enjoy the freedom and convenience of playing their games seamlessly across connected devices including Mac or PC computers, lightweight laptops, tablets, smart phones and TVs.

OnLive Games Bundle:

The OnLive Games Bundle gives instant access to over 250 great games to play anytime via the cloud, plus you can add games you already own to your cloud library.

– Huge variety of games, new games added monthly
– Game progress is saved in the cloud and synced across devices
– Start a game at home, then continue on your mobile device
– Add games from your Steam library to your OnLive account to play them anywhere

Playfire Rewards:

Playfire Rewards is a new and exciting way to play your way to cheaper games. Gamers can earn GMG Credit with Playfire Rewards by linking their Steam account to their Playfire account. This credit can be used towards anything on the Green Man Gaming site, which helps reduces the cost of gaming, which helps gamers purchase more, which helps gamers play more, which helps them earn even more GMG Credit… It’s a lovely big cycle of gaming goodness! New Playfire Rewards are introduced daily and you can track your progress on the Rewards balance page. For a list of all the available rewards visit the Playfire Rewards page.


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