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Planetary Annihilation Boxed Editions

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 5 - 2014

Nordic Games have announced that a boxed edition of the Kickstarted RTS game Planetary Annihilation is now available in stores across Europe. A limited Collector’s Edition will be coming later this month.

The spiritual successor to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander provides real-time strategy on an unprecedented scale. Up to ten players can engage in enormous battles on futuristic battlefields simultaneously: Planetary Annihilation knows no unit limits.

The amount of war material is far away from being humble, too: severalmechs, armoured vehicles with a range of weaponry, war planes and bombers, scouts, heavy stationary artillery, portable rocket launchers, orbital weapons and – a particularly drastic method of combating the enemy – thrusters that can be mounted on planets and asteroids, transforming them into true planet annihilators.

For single player enthusiasts, Planetary Annihilation also offers many hours of entertainment with its randomised campaign mode Galactic War: this twist on the classic single-player campaign confronts players with randomly generated content across a dynamic galaxy, making every playthrough different, prioritising long-term motivation.

Planetary Annihilation is also mod-friendly – players can create their own units, their own planets and their own rules, and share them with the community, adding lots of free content to the basic game.

Planetary Annihilation is available in stores as a DRM-free edition on September 5th. The RRP for the Standard Edition is $29.99/€29.99/GBP24.99. The limited Collector’s Edition will then follow on September 23rd, containing the game Planetary Annihilation and the following additional content:

- A Logitech G300 Wired Gaming Mouse.
- Codes for additional digital content: the Calyx Commander and the Alpha Commander. Both commanders are available in single and multiplayer matches and show your opponents that you are a true Planetary Annihilation fan.
- The fascinating orchestral soundtrack to download in MP3 format.
- A digital wallpaper.
- A hardback art book of the game.

The Collector’s Edition will be offered at the recommended retail price of $59.99/€59.99/GBP54.99 and can be purchased from selected retailers.


Just as a point of interest, GAME lists both the standard and Collector’s Edition available for pre-order at the moment, with release on September 23rd.


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