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psyscrolr Exclusively For Wii U

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 26 - 2014

Actos Games, creator of APEXICON – Fantasy Puzzle Combat, have announced their next game, psyscrolr, will be coming exclusively to Wii U. Here’s a trailer –


“psyscrolr is a new experience for us,” says Jonathan Meyer, CEO of Actos Games, LLC. “We’re already a developer for Nintendo through their fantastic indie dev program, but psyscrolr is being built specifically to take advantage of the Wii U’s GamePad, most notably the touch screen.”

The game is currently slated for the fall, sometime around November or December. Assisting the project with Actos Games is Scott Hitchcock, indie composer for Actos Games’ APEXICON. “Bringing his full repertoire to bear is essential in a fantastically animated pixel world like psyscrolr, and we’re glad to have him and Mauro Zocco helping out on music duties,” Meyer said.

“Actos Games is also employing voice actors, including Brooks Jackson, who you can hear in the trailer as the narrator. We believe that providing quality voice-over is necessary to bring forth the lore and engage the player in our rich, interesting stories,” Meyer added. Currently, Actos Games is using two voice-over artists, but plans to add a couple more by the end of development.

psyscrolr is a Wii U exclusive title, downloadable soon from Nintendo’s eShop service. It is a platformer game with puzzles separating the diverse combat layouts of its levels. Epic boss battles and mid-boss battles will challenge you to figure out the puzzles within the combat. Players take control of the Scrolr, a boy imbued with psychic powers he didn’t want, and aided by the Narrator, a disembodied voice assisting the Scrolr on his journey. Take control of the game by using the GamePad to assist the Scrolr and unleash devastating slash attacks as well as powerful psychic fireballs.


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