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S.I.D. – For Console Security And Sci-Fi Awesomeness

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 12 - 2014

Beyond Gaming Industries have launched a KickStarter campaign for what could be the most awesome, and slightly scary, dock to keep your PS4 or Xbox One safe. Behold the System Integrated Dock, or S.I.D. for short –


With an all-important built-in cooling fan, rock-solid protective armour, interchangeable parts, under glow LED and light-up panel, custom articulation and extensive USB charging docks, the S.I.D. is the very best kit on the market for protecting your precious gaming machine, whether you’re on the Sony or Microsoft team.

You know you can trust your S.I.D. because Beyond Gaming Industries have over 100 years collective experience in the gaming industry, with a great track record of releasing new, unique and innovative products for every generation of console – and above all, the S.I.D. is made by designers who are all deeply passionate gamers themselves! They are confident that the S.I.D. will be just the dock you need when it’s released this December, and soon your wait will be over to discover for yourself just how right they are.

Beyond Gaming’s Creative Director Sid Garrand said, “At the beginning of every masterpiece, an idea is born; if it ends in inspiration for others, then my work was done.”


- Built in cooling fan

- Under glow LED

- USB charging

- Light up panel

- Protective armour

- Interchangeable parts

- Custom articulation

- Nameplate – future option: personalised gamer tag

Check out the KickStarter campaign to find out more!


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