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Crackdown 2 Trailer

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The Kirby TV Channel Returns To Wii

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Stellaris: MegaCorp On December 6th

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The Art Of Subversion In Crimes & Punishments

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 5 - 2014

Another gameplay trailer for the rapidly approaching Sherlock Holmes game from Frogwares, Crimes & Punishments, which is set to launch for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox360 and PC on October 3rd, shedding light on Mr. Holmes’ disguise skills.


Holmes is known for his high intelligence, and high level of deduction skill. However, Sherlock as he was imagined and written by Arthur Conan Doyle is also a master of disguise, a characteristic that Frogwares transposed in Crimes & Punishments, as one of the many skills the players will actively use to solve the 6 cases of the game.

In turn, we find at Baker Street, in Holmes’ bedroom, a wardrobe that holds the key to Holmes’ disguises, as well as a dressing table housing wigs, hats, glasses, different hair styles and beards. everything needed to transform into about anyone! This is a very useful skill, when it comes to approaching suspects who might be wary of a well-known detective, and get information – or even confessions – by faking being a member of their social class. This is exactly what reveals today’s video, “Art of Subversion”, as we witness Sherlock disguising as an Irish sailor to approach a suspect.

Expect another Crimes & Punishments video next week, and each week until launch.


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