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American McGee’s Grimm Live on Steam

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Infinite Crisis: New Champion Robin Trailer

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Thatgamecompany’s Flower Released for iOS for $4.99

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Far Cry 4 story trailer Gets its debut

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 5 - 2014

Ubisoft has debuted a story trailer for the upcoming Far Cry 4. Take a hop, skip and jump to check it out.

You are Ajay Ghale, returning to Kyrat, the country of your birth, to fulfil your mother’s dying wish. Upon your arrival, you find yourself in a middle of a civil war between the Golden Path rebellion and the self-proclaimed “King of Kyrat” Pagan Min, who controls this land. A fish out of water in this beautiful but dangerous land, you become involved in this war that divides Kyrat, and your story turns out to be much more complicated than just fulfilling your mother’s wish. Amita and Sabal, the two leaders of the Golden Path, are part of the new generation of this rebellion, and were the key to bringing it back to a force that can actually make a difference. But in order to win this war you must resolve the stalemate between them, since their views on the future of Kyrat are very different.
Sabal is the traditionalist leader of the Golden Path, who sees value in his heritage, culture, history and legacy and believes that Kyrat needs the stability of traditions to bring peace to its people. He is smart enough to know how to use religion as a political tool, and often seeks moral guidance from the religious texts and teachings of Kyra, Kyrat’s religion.

His views are in direct conflict with Amita’s approach. She is considered the first female to officially join the ranks of the Golden Path, taking up arms, training and fighting alongside the males, marking a shift in traditional roles. She does not want Kyrat to go back to its old ways, and she quickly realized that in order to win this war and rebuild the country, they must establish a firm financial foundation. To this end, she believes in using Kyrat’s thriving drug trade to fund the Golden Path.

In your journey through Kyrat, will you agree with Sabal’s conservative views or will you join up Amita with her more modern methods? Choose wisely, because your decisions will affect the outcome of this war and the future of Kyrat.

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