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Total War: Warhammer – Empire Campaign Walkthrough

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Farmville For Dummies…Seriously?

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Origami Inspired Title Coming From Hydra Interactive Entertainment

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SackBoy Turns A Shade Of Green

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Crusader Kings II: Way Of Life Next Week

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 10 - 2014

Paradox Interactive have announced that the new expansion for their epic strategy game will be available from December 16th for just $7.99.

Way of Life delves into the role-playing aspects of Crusader Kings II, giving players the ability to fine-tune their methods of seduction and break ups, and also the ability to set a Focus for your character that will influence the types of events that befall your character during their lifetime. Featuring hundreds of new events as well as over 20 new event pictures, Way of Life will give players control over their characters in ways never before available—for better, for worse, or for entertainment.

Way of Life features:

New diplomatic interactions – Dispatch foes by challenging them to duels, choose who to seduce, break up with lovers, spy on people, free prisonors from captivity, and more are now available to players.

Set a Focus – Give your rulers a “way of life” by assigning them a Focus that will give an immediate boost to their skills and help shape the course of their development through events and decisions – new and old. There are ten different Focuses available to your characters:

– Rulership – Be a better king!
– Business – Gold is good
– Hunting – Kill the beast!
– War – What’s yours is mine
– Family – the most important thing, right?
– Carousing – ahem
– Seduction – double ahem
– Intrigue – sneaky, sneak
– Scholarship – We love to learn
– Theology – Do it for the big guy upstairs

New events – Hundreds of new events have been added into Way of Life, alongside 20 new event images, which tie in directly to a character’s Focus. Specific events can be triggered only if a character is assigned a corresponding Focus.


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