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Grand Theft Auto V – New Gen

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 3 - 2014

GTA V gets shiny for the new gen consoles.

Once again we are invited to join Michael, Franklin and the hilariously messed up Trevor on their adventures in Grand Theft Auto V. With the new gen release of Rockstar’s masterpiece, we can expect a city packed to overflowing with things to do, all looking even more gorgeous than it did last time, which means that we get to see Trevor’s butt in even more detail. Thanks again Rockstar, some things cannot be forgotten…


What would you like me to tell you about the new release of Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4? I have already scored the previous generation game a “buy it now!” 10 out of 10. Can it really get any better? Well, of course it can. Whilst it still may be the same city and surrounding area that the player will get to enjoy, and it may still be the same tale of three very different criminals and the antics they get up to, improvements have been made, and the majority of this can be seen in the graphics.

Rockstar seem to have taken to the job of upgrading everything to high definition  like a duck to water. Sporting a very smooth frame rate all the way through, every little tweak that can be made seems to have been, with textures polished, lighting improved and everything offering that bit more detail. It is interesting though that these improvements will largely go unnoticed by most players, simply because the game was so good looking before. But believe me, they are there. The Grand Theft Auto V world is massive, and it looks better than it ever has.


One thing that is easy to notice in this new version of Grand theft Auto V is the newly added first-person mode. It certainly won’t be for everyone, but it is great to have the option for the first time in GTA history.

A quick press of a button and everything takes on a first-person view, and again Rockstar have gone above and beyond with including new animations and details for seeing the world in this way. Everything down to even using the phone has been reworked to ensure that it looks good in the first person, such is the impressive job that Rockstar have done.

Playing in first-person, however, is a bit hit and miss. The controls take on your standard FPS set up, and the limited view of playing in first-person makes everything that bit more difficult. Whilst taking advantage of cover during a shoot out certainly has its benefits, trying to drive a car in first-person mode really is an accident waiting to happen. Even walking along the street without knocking the GTA pedestrians and getting into a fight, can be a bit of a task.

However, switching back to third-person mode is easy enough, and Rockstar have included a huge number of options when it comes to the actual controls, guaranteeing that the player will find something that works for them. It is even possible to have the game switch to different modes depending on what is happening, such as switching to third-person when the player gets into a car.


There is another side to GTA V which has made its way rather impressively onto the new generation consoles, and that is the massive GTA Online. Considering its size and scope, this multiplayer mode that launched soon after the original GTA V, could easily be sold as a separate game altogether. And, with the new gen console version, GTA Online is even more packed with things to do, including all of the updates and additional content that Rockstar have released in the past year or so, and is available straight from the get go. There was a small hiccup for players of GTA Online when it came to transferring their previous character and goodies, something which is available across the same family of consoles, but that day one issue has been smoothed out and everything is running peachy now.

Playing the online game gives the player a chance to create their own type of criminal and explore the massive city for all manner of multiplayer events and mischief. Races, shooting matches, or even just roaming around and causing trouble, it is all available and the player can then spend their winnings or ill gotten gains on all manner of ego stroking, including cars, planes and big, scary weapons. And this time around, the world is even more populated with up 30 players able to join the fun. The highly anticipated online heists aren’t there quite yet, but they are on the way according to Rockstar, and there is still plenty to keep players entertained in the mean time.


What more is there to say about Grand Theft Auto V on the new gen consoles? The game was already one of the best games ever made, and the improvements for the new gen only improve on perfection. It is incredibly massive and varied, and looks absolutely sublime on the Xbox One and PS4. Any new gen console owners who haven’t already dipped their toes into GTA V would do well to pick up a copy. For those who already have the game on the previous consoles, the improved graphics, gameplay tweaks and first-person mode only add a glossy veneer to what is essentially the same game, and the additional purchase will be something that each player has to come to terms with. For me though, it is a no brainer. There can never be too much GTA V.




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