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PDP Afterglow KRAL Wireless Headset

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 19 - 2015

In a world filled with gaming headsets, PDP’s Afterglow KRAL headset cuts the cord and brings the glow.

PDP have a proud tradition of bringing quirky-looking peripherals to the gaming market – peripherals that may not always be to everyone’s taste, but generally get the job done. The Afterglow KRAL Wireless Headset, the latest offering in their Afterglow range, continues the slightly unique look, but also manages to offer impressive quality and functionality at a very reasonable price.


Gamers really are spoilt for choice when it comes to headsets. Whether you want a console-specific set up or something more general, wired or wireless, high end or cheap as chips, there is a headset out there for you. The Afterglow KRAL headset manages to fall into the wireless camp, offering an audio solution for PS4, PC and other devices with a cable, at a very good price considering the lack of wires. However, the unique aesthetics of the headset are where they really stand out.

In keeping with the other products in the Afterglow range, the KRAL headset has clear plastic panels on each of the earcups which, when turned on, glow with a sci-fi pleasing blue colour. Personally, I get very excited whenever anything glows blue, so you can imagine the feeling of joy when turning these bad boys on. A very obvious down-side is that once you actually put the headset on, you can no longer enjoy the blue glow in all of its glory. Still, it is enough to know that the glow is there. The blue glow not only looks cool and acts as a visual indicator that the headset is turned on, but it also lights up the interior of the earcup, allowing the user to easily see the revealed circuitry. Yeah, they look nice and techy.

The KRAL headset is fairly chunky, and mostly finished in black, with a small swathe of blue sandwiched between the outer earcup and the padding. The headband is thick, with Afterglow branding across the top and a healthy chunk of padding for the top of the head. The headband can be extended to fit the largest of heads, and the cups themselves have a small amount of rock to them to ensure a comfortable fit. There is no left or right swivel to the cups, but the headband has a generous amount of give to account for any shape of head.


Indeed, the KRAL headset is comfortable to wear, even for the most unadvisedly long gaming session. The cushions on the earcups admittedly look a little untidy, covered with creases and slightly misshapen, but the result actually feels like little cushions of air around your ears. They seem delicate though and could be prone to damage over time. However, with my extended use of the headset, I had no such problems.

Being wireless, the controls are all packed onto the headset itself, specifically the left earcup. On the outside, the user will find the main power button, which also doubles as the mute button, being slap bang in the centre of the earcup, with an easy to find Mode button just next to the retractable microphone. On the blue inner ring, the user can find the volume control, along with a charging port for the USB cable and a line in port for connecting non-wirelessly to other devices.

Ditching the wires has never been easier. The headset comes with a handy dongle which simply plugs into any free USB port on the PS4, or on a PC, which is already paired to the headset and works almost instantly. However, if things don’t go quite to plan, detailed instructions are included and following them really only takes a matter of minutes. Once you are up and running, the wireless function performs really well. PDP suggest a range of up to 100 feet, which is impressive. Personally, I can confirm that I could move all around my house with little or no distortion of the sound. That’s all I need, so I am happy.


On the sound quality itself, the KRAL headset performed very well. The earcups do a good job of reducing ambient room noise, so the user can enjoy all of the sounds of their chosen game or movie without much by way of distraction. The range is good, although there is an emphasis towards bass, which is perhaps understandable given the headset’s leaning towards videogames and movies. Listening to music, this slightly heavy bass is much more noticeable. Pressing the Mode button will put the headset into a boosted bass mode, which boosts the bass even more. Depending on what you are listening to, in the boosted mode there can be some distortion. Still, if you like your bass extremely heavy, this mode may be for you. For everyone else, the normal mode will suffice.

The retractable microphone allows the player to communicate with others when they are gaming, and does a good job of cancelling out any background noise, making the player clear and easy to understand. Also, the rechargeable battery will happily last for around 10 hours from fully charged, so even the most epic gaming session should be covered.


The Afterglow KRAL Wireless Headset can currently be picked up on Amazon for just over £60, which is a nice price for a wireless headset. When you add in good sound reproduction, comfort, ease of use and glowing blue lights, there really is nothing to dislike here. The looks of the KRAL headset may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you are on the look out for a wireless PS4 headset, the Afterglow KRAL may be the headset you are looking for.




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