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The Awakened Fate Ultimatum gets new trailer and screenshots

Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 30 - 2015

NIS America has released a selection of screenshots and story introduction trailer for upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG title, The Awakened Fate Ultimatum.

The-Awakened-Fate-Ultimatum 1

The-Awakened-Fate-Ultimatum 2

Guide ordinary high school student Shin Kamikaze (super epic name) as he learns the ropes of being god in The Awakened Fate Ultimatum. While sleeping on the school’s rooftop, Shin has a cryptic dream with a mysterious girl babbling about fate and saving the world, but is suddenly woken up by his friend.

The-Awakened-Fate-Ultimatum 3

The-Awakened-Fate-Ultimatum 4

Thinking nothing of the weird dream, he heads home, but gets stopped by a group of demons flying down from the sky. One of the demons looks at him, apologizes, and then proceeds to stab him in the chest. As he’s dying, an angel swoops down to fight off the demons and takes him off to a place called Celestia.

The-Awakened-Fate-Ultimatum 5

The-Awakened-Fate-Ultimatum 6

Awaking to a red-headed scientist named Ariael, he is told that the Awakened Fate crystal has been shoved into his chest to save his life, which has made him a god. Now it’s his job to fight in the war between angels and devils, and determine the fate of the world.

The-Awakened-Fate-Ultimatum 7


The Awakened Fate Ultimatum is due out for PlayStation 3 on March 17th in North America and March 20th in Europe.

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