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The Sims 4: Get To Work Hands-On Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 23 - 2015

It’s time to work with your Sim.

With the first expansion from EA for The Sims 4 rapidly approaching, we got to spend some time at the EA offices with The Sims 4: Get To Work. So, which career are you going to take when the expansion launches on April 2nd? Are you going to choose from the colourful new Doctor, Detective or Scientist careers? Or will you decide to invest in your own business and build it from the ground up? Oh, and then there are the aliens to deal with…


To begin with, we opted to check out the detective career and assert our authority over any nearby Sims. As a detective, your role is to investigate crime scenes, dust for fingerprints, find clues and solve crimes. You’ll be called to a crime scene, grab a case from the assignments or check out the crime board. Your Sim will have to patrol the streets and look for any altercations that may be occurring on your beat. This can be anything from random fights or people disregarding the environment and throwing litter on the streets. If this happens, you’ll need to book’em and issue a citation. As a detective, you’ll need to improve relations with the citizens and keep the area under control.

During your detective work, you’ll need to analyze evidence and test the analysis in one of the workstations set up. Take a mug shot of your suspect, process enough clues to issue an APB and lock the suspect in a cell, so long as you find enough evidence. You even have the opportunity to perform a random search to see if your detainee has some valuable information on their person that might be relevant to your investigation. On arresting my criminal, the only things that flew out from under their coat was a torch and a random fish.


Be sure to investigate any crime scenes fully, as you don’t want to miss any clues. Did you gather enough evidence? Were there any other witnesses present? Search everywhere and gather as much information as possible from people, because it’s easy to miss vital clues. Talk to everyone at the scene. Tracking down suspects takes time, and although some will confess their crimes, others will hold out to the very end.


My first investigation wasn’t very successful, but I welcomed the twenty Simoleons an hour salary as a cadet, and it takes time to become experienced. Once you have patrolled the neighborhood and interacted with the community, making yourself known to all of the residents, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a friendly protector or hardened authority figure.

We only had a limited amount of time at the EA offices and had spent a lot of that exploring a career as a detective. However, there was still some time left to try and help poorly Sims in the doctor career.


As a doctor, you’re introduced to a number of ill patients in the sick bay who need your attention. Doctors can diagnose patients and discuss general health problems, take temperature, check eyes, scan bodies, swab for samples and undertake a variety of tests on the afflicted. These can be anything from a treadmill test to delivering a baby. There are some interesting and funny ailments occurring in the hospital and as a newly qualified doctor, you can also misdiagnose a patient by mistake, which can lead to further comical complications down the road.

As a doctor, I had the delight of having my first pregnant sim to arrive at my hospital, who was heavily pregnant, making panting noises and alarms were going off everywhere. She had arrived at the reception looking anxious and obviously in a great deal of pain. Here she remained briefly, while a room was being prepared for the new delivery. I won’t go into much detail, but it’s fair to say that it was a really strange delivery, involving a strange machine. It was quite comical to watch and, hey presto, a baby arrives in the crib and then disappears. Yes, the newborn Sim disappears right in front of you, because it’s been whisked away to its new home. Who knew becoming a parent could be so easy.


Sadly my time with The Sims 4: Get To Work had come to an end, but there is a lot more content to explore in the expansion when it releases. The third new interactive career available sets the players’ Sim as a scientist, something which is sure to be fun. There is the opportunity to run your own retail business, getting hands one with everything from which products to sell to the advertising and decorating. You can earn perk points from running your own store, which can be exchanged for various improvements. Then there are the new aliens and the alien world of Sixam, which can only be reached through a wormhole created by a scientist.

The Sims 4: Get To Work seems set to provide plenty of new content and things to do with your Sims, and is set to launch on the Origin Store on April 2nd.

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