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The Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer’s Edition is released tomorrow and is filled with more fascinating information than ever. The must-have for videogame fans it is packed with new records, facts, figures, stunning photos and gaming knowledge.


New Editor Stephen Daultrey worked with games industry insiders to reveal hundreds of NEW gaming records including ‘Fastest goal in Pro Evolution Soccer  15’ (4 seconds!), ‘Highest score on Super Mario Bros’ (1,435,100 points!) and ‘Largest original fictional world’  (measuring 102,400 x 51,200 blocks, spanning multiple continents over 5,242.88 km² in Minecraft!).

In depth features look at The Evolution of Mario, Classic Rivalries, The Evolution of Controllers and more than 20 pages on the international phenomenon Minecraft.

Kat Gunn - Highest Earning Female Gamer_ 321

Leading the Minecraft section of the book is Kurt J Mac’s entry for Longest journey in Minecraft. Kurt embarked on an epic quest to reach the fabled Far Lands, an area roughly 7,767 miles from the players initial spawn point and chronicled his journey on his YouTube channel “Far Lands or Bust.” After three years of continuous travel in the game, Kurt only made it about 16% of the way to the Far Lands but he did manage to score the record and raised money for charity Child’s Play while doing it!

Guinness World Records has also added a very special feature to this year’s edition. Minecraft Challenges offers readers a chance to make it into the record books. The Guinness World Records gaming consultants have created a series of 10 challenges that put the skills of users to the test as they race against the clock (and each other) for a chance to take home each title.

Other standout records in Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer’s Edition include:

- Most difficult version of Tetris – Federico Poloni programmed  Tetris with an algorithm that analyzes the board and then selects the worst possible piece for the gamer to have to insert, making for a truly twisted version of the game.
- First playable video game on an item of clothing – To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tetris, superfan Marc Kerger designed a playable T-shirt of the game.
- Largest collection of  Silent Hill memorabilia – Whitney Chavis has been collecting memorabilia based on the horror franchise since 1999 and has amassed 342 different items, including t-shirts, posters, towels and much more.
- Most readable books in a video game – Elder Scrolls Online boasts a massive 2,235 readable books that players can peruse while taking a break from the action.
- Largest life-sized Pac-Man maze – Created for a Bud Light TV spot shown during the 2015 Super Bowl, the maze measured 6,252.3 sq ft.
- First LEGO videogame made entirely out of bricks – The LEGO Movie Videogame was the first LEGO game in which everything in the game was constructed out of bricks, from buildings and furniture to machines and vehicles.

The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Gamer’s Edition 2016 is available on 10 September 2015 for £9.99

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