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I Am Bread (PS4)

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 1 - 2015

Another quirky physics puzzle game, this time involving baked goods.

A title such as “I Am Bread” could spark all kinds of speculation in the minds of gamers who have not heard of Bossa Studios’ game which started out on Steam before making its way onto PS4. Maybe the game is about a character who is dull? Capable of becoming so much? Or the next best thing?


Well, no. The title is actually much more literal in its description of the game. In I Am Bread, you are indeed a slice of bread.However, you are no ordinary slice of bread. You have aspirations. You want to become toast.

And so begins the core mode of I Am Bread. Unceremoniously dumped into a variety of different household environments, the player gets to control this simple slice of bread as it tries to find a way to get toasted.

Controlling the slice of bread is not exactly simple. Anyone who played Bossa’s previous game, Surgeon Simulator, will know that part of the fun in these games are the awkward controls and the hilarious situations they lead to. The shoulder and trigger buttons are used to move each corner of the bread, and the face buttons are for grabbing hold with a given corner. This means eight buttons to negotiate just to move your slice of bread around the environment and to the goal, which could be a whole room away. Then of course, as a slice of bread, you want to remain edible, so players will have to avoid areas such as the floor lest they empty their edible meter.


That is pretty much it in the story mode. There is quite a comical story latched on about a man who thinks he is being burgled thanks to all the mess your slice of bread leaves in its wake. It is funny and ties everything together in a fairly cohesive way, as long as you can overlook the fact that you are a slice of bread. The gameplay is challenging to the extreme, but failure can often be met with a slight chuckle rather than all out rage, and the hardcore gamer will undoubtedly rise to the challenge and have their bread doing all manner of amazing things.

Alongside the core story mode, which is great fun but can be short lived, there are a host of other modes to entertain lovers of baked goods everywhere. From Zero G, which removes the gravity and gives your bread rockets on each corner, to Cheese Hunt, in which your cracker is searching for cheese, there is variety to be had in the additional modes. Perhaps the two best modes are the Bagel Race, with racing Bagels, and Rampage in which the player causes as much destruction as possible in the time limit with a Baguette. There is also a free roam mode if you fancy just chilling out as bread. And who wouldn’t?


There is not much more to say about I Am Bread. It is a quirky game with a high level of difficulty that comes with a fair few modes that are all entertaining. The controls can be frustrating, but for some that will all be part of the charm. It is a strange little game that manages to be far more entertaining than a game about bread should be.




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