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Disney Infinity 3.0

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 28 - 2015

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not that far away…

The toys to life videogame genre has positively exploded in recent years. What began with Activision’s Skylanders has been bolstered by the newly released LEGO Dimensions, and even Nintendo are getting in on the act with their Amiibo figures. But it is the Disney Infinity franchise that we are looking at today, with the recent release of the third outing, and the inclusion of Star Wars as the driving force.


The original Disney Infinity began life by celebrating three classic Disney properties. Then, along came Disney Infinity 2.0 which introduced the world of Marvel superheroes and attracted a whole new audience. This time around, with everyone talking about Star Wars, the inclusion of a Star Wars playset and figures with the starter pack is sure to keep Infinity relevant. The Twilight of the Republic playset is where it all begins with Disney Infinity 3.0, but it won’t stop there as two more Star Wars themed playsets are on the way, along with the already available Inside Out playset and other sets down the line. And of course, figures from previous Infinity versions can come back and play some more, so it doesn’t feel like collectors have to start all over again.

For those who have never indulged in Disney Infinity before, there are two sides to the experience to consider. The first is the playsets which include ready made adventures for the player to enjoy by dropping the appropriate figures onto the Infinity portal and watching them appear in the game. The other side of the experience is the far more creative Toy Box where players can create their own themed games and adventures to share with others, or enjoy the creations of those other players. The playsets can be quite short compared to full videogames, but obviously the Toy Box can offer an almost endless supply of creative entertainment.

The Twilight of the Republic playset offers a good few hours of Star Wars-themed entertainment, with a heavy dose of platform action for players to enjoy. The two figures that come with the set are Anakin Skywalker and Ahskoa Tano, and each of these figures come with different abilities and can be swapped between at will during the adventure, which is handy when one character is running low on health. Also, each of the figures level up independently, allowing for new abilities to be gained and the characters to improve over time. It should be noted however, that only figures aligned with a playset can be used with the playset, so any dreams of having Iron Man face off against General Grievous will have to be put to one side.


The combat has been given a nice polish in this latest version of Infinity, and doing battle with light sabres whilst blaster fire zips overhead feels really involving. A bit of button mashing will get the younger players through the game, but there are combos for the more accomplished player to enjoy, and a variety of different force powers to incorporate. In all, the combat is very enjoyable and better than many more recent Star Wars games.

Outside of the combat, things are pretty much standard action platformer fare, with plenty of jumping around and sliding. It has to be said the the environments in which this adventure is played are incredibly detailed, with a style straight from the Clone Wars cartoon show. Players will visit the likes of Geonosis, Coruscant, Naboo and Tattooine to provide some variety to these environments. Adding variety to the gameplay are the likes of pod-races and dog-fights in space. Controlling the vehicles is fairly basic, but it makes for an enjoyable distraction.

All in all, the Twilight of the Republic playset is a great Star Wars experience, and with two more Star Wars playsets coming up, there is plenty for Sta Wars fans to be excited about in Disney Infinity 3.0. However, the longevity in the game comes from the Toy Box and creating your own games and worlds.


The overhaul of the Toy Box from the clunky version in the original Disney Infinity continues with 3.0. The tools are now much easier to use and ample tutorials will give the creator everything they need to make their own Star Wars levels, or games based around many other Disney franchises. From racing to platforming, the limits really are with the users imagination, and the imagination can go even further now with new tools to animate the created worlds.

It is easy to find the best games created by the community for players to enjoy, and there is plenty of content to spend hours exploring. There is still a learning curve to using the Toy Box, and it can feel very overwhelming to the newcomer, but it still stands as an improvement over the previous offerings.


For fans of Star Wars, the included Twilight of the Republic playset is great, but expect to end up paying out some substantial wads of cash for all of the associated playsets and figures. However, it is the creative gamers that will get the most from Disney Infinity 3.0, with the easier to use and content packed Toy Box allowing imaginations to run free. As far as the toys to life genre is concerned, Disney Infinity 3.0 is more able to compete with the other games in the genre than ever before.




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