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Ar nosurge Plus coming west in July

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III coming to PS3, Xbox 360

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Crysis 3 End Of Days

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Life-Size Evangelion Bust

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Mushihimesama is live on Steam Today

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 6 - 2015

CAVE Interactive has announced that Mushihimesama aka Bug Princess is now live on Steam. The game, along with the v1.5 DLC, will be 25% off and also comes with a free copy of the OST as a launch day special.


Mushihimesama is a vertical shooting game set in a beautiful fantasy world.  Huge insect-like creatures called Koju roam the forest outside the village of Hoshifuri.  When Reco’s people fall to a mysterious sickness, the young princess decides to leave the village and meet the God of the Koju, who may provide a cure.  Riding her faithful Golden Beetle friend Kiniro, Reco must traverse the wilds, braving the hostile landscape and the aggressive Koju beasts on her journey through the Shinju Forest. It is the definitive shooter from the pioneers of the “bullet hell” genre!

Choose from several game modes:

Normal Mode: A faithful port of the original arcade version, designed to be as close to the original game as possible.  Offers a strong challenge to veteran players.
Arrange Mode: A remixed version of the game with different enemy positions and shot patterns.  You start with maximum firepower and defend automatically.
Novice Mode: A version of the game tuned for newcomers and relaxed game play.

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The Last Campfire Gameplay Trailer

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