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The Sims 4: Get Together

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 11 - 2016

Get together with like-minded Sims.

When The Sims 4 originally launched, it was suffering from a notable lack of choice and content. There were new ideas added and improvements to both the AI and the overall look, but it felt short lived and in need of the numerous expansion packs that the Sims franchise is so well known for.


The first expansion to arrive, Get To Work, did a wonderful job of providing the player with additional things to do, such as actually play through their days at work with all manner of objectives and rewards. It added a lot to the core game and gave hope to gamers that The Sims 4 would eventually be the behemoth game that the previous title in the series was.

The second expansion, Get Together, also goes a long way to add choices for the player, but this time they are much more focused on the  virtual social side of Sims gaming. This is an expansion for those players who enjoy having their Sims build relationships with other Sims. As someone who prides themselves on being anti-social in the real world, this is not an area that I particularly enjoy. But that is not to say there is no entertainment to be found in this expansion for other anti-social Simmers.

The Get Together expansion puts most of its effort into the new club mechanic. Clubs have arrived in The Sims, and players will be encouraged to sign their Sims up to a variety of different themed clubs for some very easy social interaction. Sims can be members of up to three clubs at a time, and a new clubs icon will allow the player to manage these with ease. The variety of clubs that are available to the player allows them to pick and choose which club they join, and what type of Sims they want to hang out with. Joining one of the ready made clubs is the quickest way to take advantage of this new feature, provided the Sim in question meets the entry requirements, and it really doesn’t take long or much effort to oust the club’s boss and take control, if that is what the player wants.

However, the real fun comes when the player forms their own club. Clubs are based on almost any activity in the game, and players are able to create their own club with a list of things that are, and are not, permitted. Embrace that Friday night feeling by forming a club which revolves around drinking and mean, or perhaps a more sedate reading and eating club would be in order. There are ample choices for the player to create unique clubs, and the player can even set the entry requirements, y’know, to keep the riffraff out.


Playing to the club’s vibe will lead to points being earned that can be spent on various perks and other new club features, such as a club uniform or even a secret handshake. Earning these points doesn’t take very long at all, ensuring that club time doesn’t become a chore.

The best thing about the club mechanic is the ability to set a club meeting at almost any time. Whether your Sim is at home or in one of the numerous public lots, a click of the button will have all of the club members gather to do whatever it is they do. The new “Together” action makes keeping these gatherings all the more easy, as getting all of the members to dance together or go for a swim is just one simple press instead of having to deal with each individual Sim. For anyone who struggled with keeping up relationships, or forming new relationships, in The Sims, this addition is a god send.

Of course, clubs aside, there is still more new content in Get Together, including two new traits. Dancing and DJing are now available for Sims to improve in, and include new objects such as dance floors and DJ booths. Gain points in either of these traits, and the Sim will improve their skills until they become a virtual dance master or DJ superstar. There are also new objects to be unlocked as the Sim raises their levels in each of these new traits.

Windenburg is a new world added in the Get Together expansion, bringing European charm and a variety of different places to explore. From the ancient ruins to the Von Haunt Estate, with its brilliant hedge maze, Windenburg feels like the best world so far added to The Sims 4.

There are also a variety of outfits and objects included, although it feels somewhat sparse this time around. Still, it all adds to the ever growing library of options for the Sims player.


The Sims 4: Get Together expansion is another great addition to the growing Sims 4 game. While it may not be as content rich as the previous expansion, Get To Work, the new club mechanic and “together” option in interactions are both things that will carry over to ther expansions and continue to grow the game. Windenburg is a great place to set up a new home for your Sim family, and the dance and DJ traits are yet another thing that players can spend time maxing out. If your Sims need some help on the social front, Get Together is the expansion pack for you.




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