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Mushroom Wars Now On Steam

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 8 - 2016

Zillion Whales have released Mushroom Wars, the RTS which was originally released some years back on PS3, on Steam. Mushroom Wars has a launch discount until April 14th, making it only £6.29.


Apart from the switch from gamepad controls on PS3 to mouse controls for PC, classic core gameplay boasts new challenges, new achievement goals, new levels, a storyline campaign video, and more.

“We’ve been receiving very positive feedback from our large community, so as we know, it certainly is a much-anticipated game”, said Andrey Korotkov, Mushroom Wars Producer.

The intuitive controls merge seamlessly with the challenging gameplay, providing a unique introduction to the real-time strategy genre. While easy to pick-up for beginners, Mushroom Wars offers enough gameplay depth and strategy to inspire the most experienced players. It features various game modes: single player campaign, skirmish to battle against up to three computer-controlled opponents, or online multiplayer, which will be added for free in one of the nearest updates.

The player’s goal is to lead Mushroom Army to victory, battle opposing tribes, capturing their settlements and conquering the battlefield.

Mushroom Wars key features:
- Varying multiplayer modes: king of the hill, domination, capture
- Up to four players and 4000 units in a battle simultaneously
- Maximum action in five-minute matches
- Strategic resource management: Mushroom hordes perform both as fighting units and an important consumable resource for upgrades.
- Skill-based gameplay with fair competition


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  1. Ksenia Said,

    Hooray! )

    Posted on April 14th, 2016 at 1:28 pm

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Posted by GG Goblin
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