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Project Cars: Game Of The Year Edition

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 18 - 2016

Behind the wheel again.

Game of the year editions, the definitive version of a game that is usually released once players have moved onto other things, split opinion. To some, they represent the very best version of a game, packed with all manner of fixes and, more often than not, all of the previously charged for DLC. To others, they are simply how the game should have been offered when first launched. With more content than the original release, and presumably less issues and bugs, they make good value purchases for the newcomer, while frustrating the early adopters who realize they could have got more for their money.


Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios recently released their Game of the Year Edition of Project Cars, the motorsport racing simulator that proved to be one of the most anticipated games of 2015. Project Cars originally launched around a year ago, so the developers have had plenty of time to iron out any kinks in the gameplay and pack in some additional content in the form of DLC, so this Game of the Year Edition should very well be the best possible version of the game.

GGUK took a look at the original Project Cars about a year ago (see our review here), and concluded that the game was a near perfect experience for fans of racing simulations. The level of realism in the game, from the handling of the different cars and the tuning options available, to the glorious visual recreations of both the cars and the tracks, and the day night cycles and weather effects, is the most impressive aspect, although the progressive career mode and multiple options when it comes to multiplayer are another reason for simulator fans to smile. However, even with driving aids turned on and simulation levels set to their lowest, Project Cars remains a tough driving game for anyone who hasn’t had ample experience of racing simulations. In this respect, little has changed in the Game of the Year Edition.

Slightly Mad Studios declare that some 500 features and improvements have been added to the game since launch, and all of these come with the Game of the Year Edition. While it could be argued that these fixes should not have been necessary in a launched game, very rarely do we see video games released in their completed form nowadays, and it does at least show that the developers are supporting their game post launch and listening to the gaming community. These new features and improvements have been patched into the core game through the last year, so don’t really add any value to the GotY Edition over the original version of the game, but at least new players will be able to jump into a more complete game straight away.


Adding value to the Game of the Year Edition is the inclusion of previously released DLC. Some 50 odd additional cars have been added, bringing the total up to a massive 125 cars, all of which look absolutely outstanding. Four new tracks also made their way to DLC and are included here, along with more than 60 community-created liveries, making the GotY Edition much more content packed than the original version, without additional cost.

New for the Game of the Year Edition are the Nurburgring Combined Nordschieife + GP circuit and two new Pagani cars – the Zonda Revolucion and the Huayra BC. The iconic Nurburgring location and the always impressive Pagani cars are nice additions to the game, but feel like a very minimal offering.

The problem comes with the fact that most racing sim fans will have already picked up Project Cars at this point, and there is very little in the Game of the Year Edition to make them want to fork out again. Sure, there is a fair amount of DLC included for free, but the big fans will have already picked that up, and could still do for less than the cost of the GotY Edition. The fixes have already been added, so that just leaves the Nurburgring and Pagani cars. Is that enough?

Of course, for the newcomers and those late to the party, this is a great starting point to jump into what is probably the best motorsport racing simulation game available. Project Cars is an incredibly challenging game, but very satisfying and so pretty.


The Project Cars: Game of the Year Edition is the definitive version of the best motorsport racing simulation game so far, and offers the best starting point for any racing fan who has yet to try Slightly Mad Studios’ title. There is little here to tempt the veteran Project Cars gamer, but the GotY Edition will encourage new players to experience the thrill of racing with Project Cars.




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