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Fenix Furia Out For Xbox One & PS4

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 8 - 2016

Formerly known as Fenix Rage on PC, Fenix Furia from Green Lava Studios and Reverb Triple XP lands today on Xbox One and PS4, bringing a split-screen two-player mode.


Split-screen Two Player Mode – cuz rage-quitting needs to be competitive.
“When you have a dream, pursue it through all sorts of crazy obstacles, and finally achieve your goal, it’s truly a special feeling,” said Eduardo Ramirez, lead developer and co-founder of Green Lava Studios. “As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to make a great game on a major console and now that Fenix Furia is finally here on PS4 and Xbox One, it’s an overwhelming for me – to develop this game from a developing country (Costa Rica) makes me especially proud.”

Fenix Furia Game Features

- New split-screen local Two Player Mode where gamers race-off to see who can finish each level the quickest
- A new characters arises – Undead Fenix roars with rage in Two Player mode
- Easy mode feature acclimates new players to the hardcore platforming challenges ahead
- Nine varied and vastly unique worlds to traverse and conquer, each with dozens of increasingly difficult levels
- More than 200 total levels, each with varying enemies and obstacles to overcome, as well as a cookie to collect
- Rapid-fire gameplay style means no downtime between attempts and deaths (and you WILL die…a lot)
- Addictive nature of play demands your absolute BEST platforming skills to achieve the best ratings per level
- Stylized 2D art style complements the original electronic soundtrack that varies with each world

Step into the shoes of Fenix, a really sweet creature of speed and (blocky) cuteness… then feel his boundless rage. He is pissed! You would be too if your village was decimated by a huge explosion (and your game name was legally blocked!), leaving only two survivors: Fenix and the mysterious enemy Oktarus. Fenix will track down this shadowy villain through nine worlds, defeating righteously brutal bosses and hundreds of minions bent on his destruction, on a mission to return harmony back to his world. And to get cookies.


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