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Little King’s Story Lands On Steam Today

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 5 - 2016

Wii classic Little King’s Story will arrive later on today for PC gamers through Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. A 10% discount on the £18.99 list price will be available during the launch week.


Yoshiro Kimura, Little King’s Story Game Designer at Onion Games, shared a message for fans and newcomers to commemorate this occasion:

“All of the characters in ‘Little King’s Story’ came directly from my soul, so I can still remember what they look like and how they are doing. I’m sure that Howser is still riding Pancho around the field, and the other citizens are doing well, too. I’m also sure the carefree adults are still lying on the grass, doing nothing.

Thank you to the dedicated fans of the original for allowing me to reunite them like this— I hope you are as happy I as am to be able to relive ‘Little King’s Story’ on PC.

I truly hope that those who played the original version, as well as those who are just learning about the game for the first time, will enjoy their time in Corobo’s kingdom!”

Little King’s Story combines life simulation and real-time strategy elements with an ample adventure and an enchanting storyline. Experience the story of Corobo, a timid young boy who stumbles across a crown with the mysterious power to charm any person who beholds it and make them follow any order. Using his newfound powers of persuasion and his royal sceptre, the newly-crowned King Corobo begins his efforts to expand his run-down kingdom of Alpoko beyond his humble village.

Every character in Corobo’s kingdom has his or her own personality, and players can command these townspeople to carry out various tasks, be it treasure-hunting, digging ditches, fighting UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals), or constructing bridges to reach and conquer new lands. Controlling subjects effectively is the key to building a thriving kingdom, so rule wisely! Unite neighbouring kingdoms under one flag and show the world the dominance of King Corobo!

In addition to an HD graphical update, the Windows PC release of Little King’s Story will allow for both XInput and DirectInput controller support while incorporating various Steam-specific features, including a set of newly conceived royal achievements. Resplendent Steam Trading Cards accompany the game as well in its Steam iteration, with completed decks rewarding a king’s ransom of badges, backgrounds and chat emoticons.


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