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Super Dungeon Bros

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 22 - 2016


Super Dungeon Bros is a hard-rocking dungeon crawler from React Games, offering procedurally generated dungeons and co-op gameplay with a School of Rock flavour. Expect lots of Wayne’s World style humour and plentiful evil minions to slay as you make your way through the world of Rökheim.


The set up in Super Dungeon Bros is very male-centric, with a selection of four differently coloured bros to choose from as a main character. These guys are depicted as some kind of cross between fantasy knights of old and heavy metal musicians, with the colouring giving them a little bit of a pre-school look. For those not especially interested in the Bro culture, there was at launch a DLC pack offering four Broettes, female characters, to play as, although the differences between the Bros and Broettes are minimal.

With a name like Super Dungeon Bros, you wouldn’t expect a game filled with fluffy unicorns and rainbows. Here, the players will head down into procedurally developed dungeons that are packed with all manner of monsters and traps intended to do the player harm, while doing their best to gather loot and make their way to the exit without losing a life. If all of the characters lives are lost, it is back to the beginning. Yay!

There are a few different themes to the random levels as the player makes their way through the different areas of the world, and the levels are all well furnished to suit the theme. However, a lack of variety despite the random nature does leave the levels feeling somewhat repetitive fairly quickly.


One thing there is not a shortage of, is enemies. The levels swarm with different enemies that will attack the player in a variety of ways. There is also a threat meter that that forces the player to rush through levels or risk having to deal with an overwhelming swarm of enemies. Playing the game alone can be quite difficult due to the high numbers of enemies, and the ever increasing threat level just makes it worse. However, this really is a game to be played with friends in co-op.

The gameplay is fairly standard action RPG fare, with different weapons available to the characters, including both melee and ranged options. More weapons can be unlocked as the player progresses, and the weapons can be upgraded in exchange for gold. Players only have a couple of attacks to unleash on the enemies, but they are also able to jump and dodge, and even use a dungeon’s traps against the enemies themselves. The combat unfortunately does feel quite sluggish, and it is not that much fun when playing solo.

However, with a few friends in co-op mode, Super Dungeon Bros does become quite a good laugh. The swarms of enemies are not so much of a big deal when the player is not alone, and the player has more options for moves when with others. While playing alone is possible, the feel of the game makes much more sense in co-op, and the game really comes alive.


There is a lot of grinding, and the rewards take a long time to come, but the colourful visuals and the rocking soundtrack really do make Super Dungeon Bros a great co-op game. The game never takes itself seriously and, while I would have liked a bit more refinement and variety, it is quite difficult to get too annoyed at it. For the single player looking for their next dungeon crawler, keep on looking. However, if you are looking for the next co-op game for games night, Super Dungeon Bros is an entertaining option.




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