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The Sims 4: City Living

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 10 - 2016

Leaving the suburbs.

With the latest expansion for The Sims 4, City Living, players can move their Sims out of the suburbs and into the bright lights of urban living with the new city San Myshuno. With this massive new setting, new careers and gameplay features, City Living certainly feels like the largest expansion so far.


The star of City Living has to be the city of San Myshuno. Not only does this gigantic urban playground look completely different from all of the previous suburban settings, but it also has a very different feel. San Myshuno is vibrant and busy, packed with different things to do and see. Street performers entertain while tourists wander around doing touristy things. In San Myshuno there is never a dull moment, and Sims who prefer the quiet life will be struggling here.

The city has different districts, each of which offer a different vibe, from the artistic Arts Quarter to the much more extravagant Uptown. Each of these different neighborhoods offers apartments for the player to rent and move their Sim into. As always, you get what you pay for when it comes to property, and in City Living players will often find themselves moving their Sim into some small grotty apartment until they can afford the rent on something more impressive. A new feature, which is rolled out to all properties in The Sims 4, is that buildings can have traits. These traits, some of which can be changed by the player, work in both positive and negative ways. There are quite a selection for the base game, such as Gnomes that will fix things and Fast Internet for improved performance of certain skills. Apartments in San Myshuno also come with some unique traits that cannot be changed by the player, such as Great View which offers a positive moodlet, or Serviced Apartment that sends a free maid around. These unchangeable traits can lead to some very interesting situations in the game, such as incredibly noisy neighbors who insist on partying even harder and longer than the regular neighbors would.


Which is saying something. Life in San Myshuno is not quiet. As if neighbors partying until all hours, or having Woohoo very loudly, wasn’t bad enough, Sims in the rather less expensive apartments will have to deal with the likes of cockroaches and leaks, having to call in the landlord with alarming regularity. Then there are always people around, which is great for the social Sim. In fact, players can even give out a spare key to their apartment so other Sims can let themselves in if they need to use the shower, or just hang out. And both day and night, Sims will find themselves being invited out to explore all that San Myshuno has to offer.

Karaoke is a big thing in City Living, as is playing basketball or blowing bubbles. But the real entertainment comes in the form of festivals. These pop up at different times in different parts of the city, and each festival offers different things to do and objects to collect. Geekcon drops in all manner of nerdy fun, such as gaming, while the Spice Festival is one for the foodies and offers plenty of new recipes to learn. Other festivals can offer flirty fun, comedy and pranks, and even somewhere to buy and sell collectibles. They really are great fun, and the fact that they are not always there means that they don’t get old.

City Living brings three new careers to the game, and each of these three careers are slightly different to those that have come before. Generally, when a Sim goes to work, they disappear until the work day is over. In the Get To Work expansion, new careers were introduced where the player could join their Sim at work and guide them through the work day. The City Living careers offer something different again by allowing the Sim, should they choose, to work from home. They will be given tasks to do during the day, but have much more freedom and can take a break to head off and check out a festival if they wish.


The Politician career will see Sims having to head to venues and raise awareness for some cause or another before they head up the career ladder and have to deal with giving speeches or raising money. Then there is the Critic career, where Sims can offer their critical opinions of art, entertainment or food. Finally, Sims can take on the most modern career in Social Media where it is all about gathering followers.

Alongside all of this, there are the usual new items, clothing and the like that further build up the catalogue. The City Living expansion is quite packed full of content, but it also comes with a fair few bugs and glitches. While I am sure these will be ironed out fairly quickly through updates, I have yet to see anything game breaking, although a floating, self-eating hotdog was a bit disconcerting.


The Sims 4: City Living brings loads of great new content, but it also brings a different feel to the game. The developers have really managed to replicate the hustle and bustle of city life in The Sims 4, with new interactive careers, annoying neighbors and the busy San Myshuno. Players who prefer the quiet life may do well to avoid this expansion, but they will be missing out on a whole lot of new experiences, and their Sims won’t thank them for it. Probably the best Sims 4 expansion so far – now bring me some seasons!




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