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Dragon Quest Heroes II

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 16 - 2017

A bright and colourful hack n’ slash action RPG.

Dragon Quest Warriors 2. Let’s not beat around the bush and give Dragon Quest Heroes II its proper name. Developed by Omega Force, who are responsible for the massive number of other Musou-style games such as the long-running Dynasty Warriors series and all of the various cross-overs and spin-offs, Dragon Quest Heroes II brings more than a little colour and brightness to the familiar gameplay, along with some other Dragon Quest flavours thanks to Square Enix’s other popular RPG series.


It is the atmosphere of DQH2 that really stands out, and may well be divisive among gamers. As with the first game in this series, DQH2 is incredibly bright and colourful. While the environments through which the game is played may be unremarkable, the cast of characters are all cheerful and quirky, and although the characters are never really built up through the course of the story, the banter and one-liners make them quite likable. Then you have the brilliant variety of monsters in the game. Dragon Quest is well known for its bizarre monsters, and a huge number of them make an appearance in DQH2. Fans of the Dragon Quest games will find plenty of familiarity here, and who doesn’t like a game with a Slime in?

Much like the first Dragon Quest Heroes game, DQH2 offers plenty of button-mashing combat. Players get to take a team of characters into large areas that are absolutely cram packed with enemies and then almost single-handedly take them out. It is not that complicated, with a couple of basic attacks along with special abilities and an ultimate ability that becomes available once a gauge has been filled. Players are able to switch between the members of their party on the fly, allowing for different abilities to be used. These massive battles generally come with objectives to give the gameplay some focus, but simply cutting swathes through hordes of different types of monsters, each type of which have their own attack methods, is great, easy-going fun.


Adding some tactics to the game, some defeated enemies will drop medals that allow the player to summon monsters to their own side, having them fight or use abilities to aid the player. New to this sequel, some of the medals will actually give the player the chance to summon and control a monster, giving them access to the monsters own abilities. Being able to control a zany Dragon Quest monster is a blast, and it can also be quite helpful when facing off against some of the more difficult enemies in the game. While some aspects of DQH2 require very specific medal use, the medals themselves don’t feel as essential as they did in the first game.

Complimenting the combat, DQH2 adds more RPG components than its predecessor. While players can switch things up by changing to different characters from their party, they can also change the class of their main character, although doing so will revert the character to level one, which can be frustrating later in the game. There is a central hub town that contains a variety of stores and the like to mix up weapons, armour and equipment, and there are suitably extensive skill trees offering plenty of options to advance the characters. There are also side quests available, and Wild Zones which link the big battles. These Wild Zones are filled with random monsters and give the player plenty of chance for exploration.


Also new to this sequel is co-op multiplayer. Rather than taking a team into the massive battles, with the co-op option players can take a single character and team up with up to three other players. Teaming up with friends really is the best way to experience DQH2, but it has to be said that the method of joining friends is not as straight forward as it could be.

There is a story to the game, something about a formerly peaceful realm teetering on the edge of war, with the player being charged to find out what is going on and restore peace. It is fairly generic, but the peppy characters bring the tale to life. With the great combat, the RPG systems and the huge cast of colourful characters, the story does fall to the sidelines somewhat, but it is still there to give an overall purpose to the game.


The Warriors games have always been the perfect “no brain” games that make the player feel powerful without too much investment. Dragon Quest Heroes II offers that style of gameplay, along with some light role-playing. An improvement over the first game, which was already very enjoyable, Dragon Quest Heroes II is easy-going and overall fun. A great game for Dragon Quest fans and Warriors alike.




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