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Seasons After Fall (Xbox One)

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 24 - 2017

You are a seed. It doesn’t get much more zen than that, does it?

Swing Swing Submarine’s beautiful Seasons After Fall has now made its way onto the Xbox One and PS4, allowing console gamers to experience life as a seed in a gorgeous forest and mess around with the seasons. It has taken a little while for the game to come over from the PC, but the wait has been worth it.


Seasons After Fall is a 2D puzzle platformer for the more peaceful gamer. In the game, the player takes on the role of a little seed that has been awakened and pulled up, out of the ground, by a mysterious voice. There is not much that a seed can do alone, so quickly the seed possesses a nearby Fox, and it is this Fox that the player will be controlling for the majority of the game. As the Fox, the player will explore the mystical forest, finding all of its secrets. But to start with, the Fox must find the Guardians and gain the power of the seasons.

It is these season powers that make up the core of the puzzles in Seasons After Fall. One by one, the player will come across the guardians and receive their power. They will then make the journey back to sanctuary, all the while using the new power they have been given to alter the landscape. The point up to which the player has all four powers is kind of like a tutorial, slowly introducing the player to each of the powers and allowing them to be used before getting down to the real business in the forest. It is still very much part of the journey, but things do change up once all of the powers are found.

Seasons After Fall is a platformer at heart. The Fox’s movement is quite light and floaty, which can make precision platforming a little trickier than it should be, and missing a jump can cause some backtracking. But this is a relaxing game and the graceful movement of the Fox fits in with the calm atmosphere.


The powers can be used in different ways to overcome obstacles and open up new areas in the forest. Activating a power will see the surrounding forest change in both colour and purpose. Summer brings flowers and vines that can be climbed, while Winter freezes water, allowing it to be crossed. Autumn opens mushrooms, providing new platforms, and Spring brings the rain that makes things grow. Each season brings its own new discoveries to the forest, and the player will find themselves working between the seasons to access all of the forest. There is little explanation as to what each of the powers can do, so the player is left to work them out. The puzzles are generally quite light, as befits a relaxing game, but there are a few moments that will force the player to stop and think.

The stand out feature of the game is how stunning it looks. Like a work of art, the hand-painted backdrops ooze charm and set the scenes perfectly. The Fox, and other creatures of the forest, are all animated with such love that the overall effect is that of a stylish animation. The use of colours comes into play with the changing of the seasons, with each season making use of a different colour palette. Winter is full of white and blue, while Autumn brings oranges and browns, for example. Switching between the seasons changes the scene every time. The incredible visuals are complemented by a mesmerising string soundtrack that further enhances the atmosphere of the game.

The move to console seems to have been flawless. Moving from my relatively small monitor to the big screen TV, none of the charm has been lost from the game. The controls work perfectly and playing from the sofa feels much more natural for such a relaxed game than being at my desk.


If there are any criticisms to be leveled at Season After Fall, it is that the game is too laid back. This is a puzzle platformer to lower your blood pressure, not raise it. This is a peaceful game, and if you are alright with that, step into the forest and enjoy one of the most beautiful games around.




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