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The Disney Afternoon Collection

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 8 - 2017

Because who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon with Disney?

Nostalgia is something that can be felt by any gamer, young or old. While the younger gamers may feel nostalgia for a special game that they spent weeks playing back in 2015 say, for the older gamers it often means going back to previous formats, with games that both looked and played drastically differently to how modern games do now. It is for these older gamers who have seen how games have changed over the years that nostalgia can be its most shocking. “Wow, did games really look that bad?”, “I don’t remember games being this difficult”, “I spent how long playing this?”. Things change, and what was a great gaming experience back then may not be any more.


Sometimes you can’t go back. But sometimes you can, and Capcom have delved into the murky past of gaming to release The Disney Afternoon Collection on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Jumping back as much as 28 years to the NES platform, Capcom are offering a nostalgic experience to gamers of a certain age, while giving younger gamers and Disney fans a chance to see just what games were like in the dark ages of the 90s.

The Disney Afternoon Collection contains six games from this bygone era. In chronological order – Duck Tales from 1989, Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers from 1990, TailSpin from 1991, Darkwing Duck from 1992, Duck Tales 2 from 1993 and Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers 2 from 1994. That is six years of classic NES games that are presented more or less in their original format.


As you may have noticed, this collection was based upon the popular Disney kids TV shows of the time, rather than the blockbuster animated movies that we all know and love. And these games were all highly regarded at the time, being more than just tie-ins to make a few quid. The Duck Tales games, with that catchy theme tune, are very good side-scrolling platformers. They follow the adventures of Donald Duck spin off, Scrooge McDuck, and his extended duck family. Darkwing Duck follows a similar side-scrolling platformer style, but with the Donald Duck version of Batman playing the key role. The Chip N’ Dale games also offer platforming fun, but the Chipmunk duo have puzzles to deal with as well. Then you have TaleSpin, a side-scrolling shooter starring Baloo of Jungle Book fame as a pilot having to deal with air pirates.

Some of the games are better than others in the collection. Duck Tales is so highly regarded that it got remastered only a few years ago on multiple platforms. It is a very good, if slightly frustrating, platformer, as is the sequel. On the other end of the spectrum, TailSpin brings some slightly annoying mechanics to the side-scrolling shooter genre that can make the game more irritating than enjoyable. But overall, the quality of the games in the Disney Afternoon Collection show some of the best from that era of gaming.

The collection doesn’t just include the six games in their original condition, fans get much more than that for their hard earned cash. Offering even more nostalgia, there is the option to change the screen in different ways, even to emulate the old fashioned screens that the games would have originally been played on, complete with flicker. The music and art collections are great for the Disney fans.


Then there are a few additions for the modern gamer, most important of which is the rewind feature. None of the games are especially easy, so being able to rewind the action whenever the player wants does make the games that little bit less difficult. Then, there are also a couple of additional modes thrown in – a self explanatory Time Attack mode and a Boss Rush mode where the player rushes through the various bosses as quickly as possible. These come with online leaderboards so the player can compare their skills against others.

It is certainly a collection packed with stuff to see and do, but my real problem with The Disney Afternoon Collection is the target audience. For nostalgia to be a factor, you have to be looking at gamers in their 30s, and then they really need to be Disney fans to appreciate the material. For younger Disney fans, the games are such a departure from modern gaming that I feel they may struggle to engage. There is a lot of content here, but players will need to have a real taste for retro gaming to get the most out of it.


The Disney Afternoon Collection contains six very good NES games, all faithfully represented with very little messing around. The target audience may not be very big, but for older Disney fans or retro gamers, there is a lot of content here. For younger gamers, the rewind option make the games a little easier than in their original form, but would they even know who Scrooge McDuck is?




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