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Voodoo Vince Remastered

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 8 - 2017

A macabre 3D platformer given the remaster treatment.

Beep Games’ Voodoo Vince was one of many 3D platformers that graced the original Xbox back in 2003. In the absence of a sequel in the 14 years since, Beep Games want to give Vince another outing and so have applied a coat of polish to the game and released it on Xbox One and PC as Voodoo Vince Remastered. With the recent burst of activity in the 3D platformer genre, can the ageing Voodoo doll really compete with the shiny newcomers and the more established returning heroes?


Of course he can! He’s a freaking Voodoo doll! What could be cooler?

Set in the dark and mysterious New Orleans, Vince is a Voodoo doll that belongs to Madam Charmaine, a purveyor of the finest Voodoo ingredients, trinkets and curiosities. Vince is not Madam Charmaine’s best Voodoo doll, but that doesn’t stop him from being kind of cute, in a creepy way. Anyway, a particularly corny criminal by the name of Kosmo the Inscrutable needs Madam Charmaine’s Zombie Dust for his evil plans. When his henchmen break into the store to steal the Zombie Dust, Madam Charmaine interrupts them and ends up being kidnapped along with the Dust. However, some of the Dust was lost during the burglary and kidnapping, and it just so happens to have bought Vince to life. Now, it is up to Vince to rescue Madam Charmaine, retrieve the Zombie Dust and stop Kosmo the Inscrutable and his evil plans. Not too much to ask of a doll with pins stuck in him, right?

Vince is a pretty tough cookie for a doll, being quite used to constant piercings I guess. But still, the challenge ahead will require all manner of platforming and fighting, and a whole lot of collecting.

The platforming in Voodoo Vince Remastered is quite enjoyable and will be easy to pick up for anyone who has played a game of this genre before. Vince is able to jump, double jump and even hover in the air for a second, which is of utmost importance as there are some fairly precise jumps to be made in the game. It is actually here that the game has a few issues, and that is mostly down to the camera. It is not always easy to see where Vince is going to land, due to the distance between Vince and the camera, and occasionally the camera just doesn’t keep up with the flow of the landscape, leaving the player to make some tricky moves. It is not broken, it just makes things a little more frustrating than they should be.


The combat again is fairly simple. Vince only has a couple of attacks, including a punch and spin attack, and the levels are quite well populated with enemies. It is all very straight forward, although can become tricky when more powerful enemies are involved, but quite enjoyable. Vince’s Voodoo powers are perhaps the highlight here, in which Vince physically harms himself in various ways to take out a large number of enemies in one go.

Collecting things is a staple of the platforming genre, and Voodoo Vince Remastered goes all in with the number of collectibles that can be found in each level. Zombie Dust is collected to increase your health, while Power Skulls give access to Vince’s Voodoo powers. Skull Pages, once all collected, will cause a pink skull to appear in the level that Vince will have to chase down to get an extra slot for Voodoo powers. There are also health restoring beads, and hearts that increase Vince’s stockpile of lives. If you die in a level, you will go back to a checkpoint and lose a life. Run out of lives, and it is back to the start of the level with only three lives. Previous levels can be returned to for stockpiling lives, which is highly recommended towards the difficult end game.

Aside from the collecting, fighting and jumping, there is a nice selection of puzzles and a few mini games to add variety to Vince’s adventure. Visually, it seems like most of the remaster budget has been spent on Vince himself, who looks awesome. Sadly, the environments and enemies all look slightly dated despite the new coat of paint. The soundtrack is great however, and Vince is always quick to come up with some snarky comments and one-liners.


Voodoo Vince Remastered has aged quite well considering it was a title on the original Xbox. There are a few camera issues, and the game doesn’t look as good as some of the newer platformers floating around at the moment, but the gameplay is still solid and Vince himself is a great hero. When you consider the low price, Voodoo Vince Remastered is an essential purchase for any 3D action platformer fans. Now, where is that sequel?




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Set to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 15th.


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