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World To The West

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 26 - 2017

Going west.

World to the West is an action puzzle game from Rain Games, the developers behind indie hit Teslagrad. In quite a jump from their previous game, Rain Games have approached this new action game with a top-down, 3D view and, while the departure from Teslagrad may not be all encompassing, the obvious influences of early Zelda games do provide a very different experience.


Very much a character driven action puzzler, World to the West introduces the player to each of the four characters one by one. These likable characters each have their own skill set which will need to be used to solve the mostly environmental puzzles and make their way through the game.

The first character that players will meet is Lumina, a teslamancer that makes an obvious link to Rain Games’ Teslagrad. Players of the previous game will recognise here Blink ability that allows her to teleport short distances. The short sequence at the beginning of the game introduces the player to this ability as Lumina hops across gaps and the like. They are also introduced to some combat using Lumina’s electricity power and a few simple environmental puzzles, including one involving moving blocks. After a short time, Lumina will find herself teleported to some other place that she doesn’t recognise.

The combat in World to the West is not particularly taxing, with the enemies having quite predictable routines for the player to avoid. What does complicate things is the fact that each of the four characters deals with combat differently. This means that early encounters with each of the characters will require a certain amount of adjustment as the player learns what they are capable of.


Anyway, soon after landing in a mysterious new place, we switch from Lumina to the second character, Knaus. He is a small, relatively weak character who has the ability, due to his size, to get through small gaps, accessing new areas. He also has the ability to dig and travel underground. While it is not exactly deep, each of the characters has their own little story, with Knaus’ story involving being told he was mining on the Moon.

The third character is Teri, an Mindbender who has a wicked scarf. She can use this scarf as a weapon and to zip across small gaps with the appropriate posts in place. More importantly to solving the puzzles in the game, she can use the scarf to take control of enemies and use them to progress, such as using small animals to get through gaps, or larger animals to fight enemies.

The final character is Lord Clonington, a circus strongman style hero who is happiest when he is hitting stuff. His abilities revolve mostly around using his strength to pound enemies, but he can also climb to a lesser degree, and smash some obstacles that block the path.


The four characters are controlled independently and it takes a little while for them to all meet up. Totem poles found throughout the world provide a place for players to switch between the characters, and they also act as a fast travel point of sorts. A character can fast travel to any totem pole that they have discovered, and dying will result in respawning at the last one visited. However, because they are controlled independently, players will find themselves having to retread the same path, or at least a similar one depending on the characters abilities, with each of the characters to get them to the same place. Reach a totem pole with Teri for example, and you will have to make the same journey with Knaus to reach the same place. While each character’s journey from one point to the next will be slightly different, due to being able to use the abilities to open different paths, it is still a bit frustrating.

Visually, World to the West is a lovely looking game. The cartoony styled graphics are of a similar style to the previous game, albeit nicely done in 3D. The colours pop from the screen, making it an uplifting game to watch, and the animations of the four characters, and all of the supporting cast of enemies and such, are all well done.

World to the West is a little buggy at times. Little graphical glitches make an appearance, and the occasional moments of getting stuck in the scenery. But these issues are nothing really to write home about. They didn’t spoil the game experience or make it unplayable, rather just showed that the game needed some more polish.


Rain Games’ World to the West is a great adventure with a cast of varied, likable characters. There is a certain amount of repetition in the game, and a few bugs, but the upbeat visuals and ability based puzzles make World to the West thoroughly enjoyable.




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