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Ever Oasis

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 6 - 2017

Make a happy place in the desert.

Developers Grezzo may not be a household name, but they have plenty of success behind them, including the 3DS remakes of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. This time around, they are offering something new, albeit with many influences, in the form of Ever Oasis, an action RPG with a touch of city building and a huge helping of joy. Let’s head into the desert.


Story-wise, Ever Oasis casts the player as a young hero who has been tasked with creating a new oasis in the desert, with the help of a water spirit. The importance of building up this village and filling it with a wide variety of stores and inhabitants lies in the fact that a mysterious force known only as chaos has been destroying all of the other desert oasis. To make matters worse, chaos has been turning all of the lovely desert animals into monsters, making traveling the desert much more dangerous.

Ever Oasis is a game of two parts – village building and exploration. The village building is required to move the game along and make the hero more capable when out in the desert, while the exploration is needed to find more people to inhabit the village, grow the village and keep everyone happy. Both sides of the game work well together, to make a very enjoyable experience.


So, for the city building, players head out into the desert to find new residents, and then help them set up a shop in the oasis. Players will have to help keep the shop stocked up with goods, which usually involves going out into the desert again. Making the shop successful can not only provide the player with a line of goods, but also will attract yet more residents to set up home in your oasis, and will improve the level of the oasis overall. Shops will make money, whic8h the player can then use to upgrade the oasis, allowing for yet more shops. The variety of shops that can set up in your oasis is quite impressive, and before long the player will have the desert equivalent of a massive shopping centre.

However, players will be spending a lot of time with the other side of the game, the one that involves heading out into the desert and exploring. The map is packed with things to find and do in the desert, from chests filled with loot and new residents to bring back to the oasis, to dungeons with puzzles and monsters that will have to be defeated. The thing is that players will find themselves with so much to do, from running errands to finding new shopkeepers, that every time they head out into the desert, they will accomplish something that furthers their cause.

The combat in Ever Oasis is fairly basic and easy to get to grips with, so players won’t generally have any problems with the monsters that they encounter in the desert. The combat becomes more involved later in the game, as the players character becomes more powerful. Adding a further twist to the combat and exploration, the hero will not have to deal with things alone for long as they will soon be able to take residents of their oasis with them into the desert.


Players can take two residents with them when they venture out from the oasis, with a very capable AI controlling them. The player can then switch between which characters they control with the press of a button, allowing them to make use of the various different skills that each resident has. These skills can come in handy both in the wild for fighting monsters, and in the various dungeons when it comes to solving puzzles.

This is perhaps one of the biggest issues with the game. Players can only take two residents with them at a time and will have to return to the oasis to swap them. This means having to guess which skills may be needed for a given excursion, and as dungeons may require more than a couple of skills to get through, returning to the oasis frequently can be a little disheartening. There is a fast travel system, which does make things a bit better, but why the developers couldn’t have made it easier to change party members, I don’t know.

So that is the core gameplay loop – head into the desert, fight monsters, explore, find new residents who come back and set up shop in your village and then head out again to fight more monsters, explore some more and find yet more new residents, all while trying to find the resources for the previous resident. It may seem a little inane, but it works really well, and a lot of that is to do with Ever Oasis’ pervading sense of joy. Seriously, despite the threat of chaos, Ever Oasis is a really happy game, and it manages to be this happy without becoming overly twee. Even the monsters simply return to their animal form once defeated and go about their business.  It’s all quite lovely.


Ever Oasis may not have the most involved storyline, and it does have a few issues with the actual gameplay. Despite this, it manages to be a great feel good game, and is really enjoyable to play. Ever Oasis is something a little different on the 3DS, combining action RPG elements with some mild city building and management, and adds another great title to an already bursting at the seams 3DS library. Well worth getting sand between your toes for.




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