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God Wars: Future Past

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 12 - 2017

Tactical JRPG goodness.

Developed by Kadokawa Games, God Wars: Future Past is a tactical JRPG that is almost predictably available on Sony’s Vita handheld, as JRPGs in their many forms seem to be all that the Vita is good for nowadays, alongside the PS4. Tactical RPGs are generally long slog games that will need an investment in both time and concentration to get the most out of, along with a fair amount of skill and forward thinking in order to be successful. Because of this, they fit quite nicely on handheld consoles, and this latest title from Kadokawa Games is no different, feeling quite at home on the Vita.


God Wars: Future Past is fairly standard gameplay-wise, not doing much to break the mold or over-complicate things. Players who have dipped their toes into any previous tactical RPGs will feel quite at home in God Wars, slipping into the management and planning without too much trouble. That being said, the story in God Wars is Japanese enough to be lost on the majority of the western audience, or at least not enjoyed to the depths that the developers intended.

Basically, set in ancient times, the gods have become upset with humanity and are causing all manner of natural disasters. To remedy this and appease the gods, Queen Tsukuyomi sacrifices her daughter by throwing her into a volcano. Planning for the future, the Queen then imprisoned another daughter, Kaguya, just in case another sacrifice is needed. Jumping some years forward, Kaguya escapes her prison, with some help from Kintaro and his bear friend Kuma, and heads off on a mission to find her mother.

It’s a nice story, although as the game progresses, things get a little murky with the introduction of new characters and sub plots. The thing is, there is a lot of Japanese lore built into the game, and this is where players without a Japanese upbringing may struggle. I will be the first to admit that is was lost on me, but happily it didn’t affect my enjoyment of God Wars.


The gameplay is as you would expect. You take a team of characters into battle, which takes place on a grid-based diorama. Each character takes their turn to move and act, both friendly and enemy, and this is all based on their speed as to when they take their turn. Tactical thinking comes into play not only in choosing which actions to take and when, but also in the positioning of characters, such as taking the higher ground or maneuvering behind the enemy.

Battles can be quite lengthy, especially when it comes to the more involved encounters. Characters have special skills that can be used in battle, which cost MP that gradually builds up during an encounter, and there are a nice selection of jobs, from which characters can choose more than one, to give a huge range to the different skills and abilities available. Then there is the large amount of time that the player will spend outside of the battle preparing through organizing their team, leveling characters and spending skill points, and getting them all the right equipment. There is a lot of customization available in the game, allowing players to tailor their team for each and every situation exactly how they want to play.

But it can all drag on a bit. As with most tactical RPGs, God Wars is quite a slow game, but the rewards are worth it. The visuals are also a slight disappointment. Although coming with a very nice Japanese flavour, the backgrounds can be somewhat bland, and the characters themselves are quite basic, although still manage to be cute.


God Wars: Future Past doesn’t really do anything much to advance the genre, but offers fairly solid gameplay in the style that genre fans will be able to get behind. It has a nice story to keep things moving forward, and plenty for the player to mess around with in their team. It may not be visually stunning, but it looks fine on the smaller Vita screen. Fans of tactical JRPGs will not really find anything different here, but more of the same is no bad thing.




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