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Rabbit Story

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 10 - 2017

A story about animals and relationships.

Developed by Viacheslav Bushuev, Rabbit Story is a charming little adventure game that explores relationships, consequences and the questionable decisions made by a small, fluffy rabbit. Yeah, it’s a bit odd.


Rabbit Story is a casual game, available on Steam, that revolves around a cute little rabbit called Rabbit. The story is that Rabbit forgets his friends birthday. His friend happens to be a little cat called Kitty. As a result, Kitty disappears and so Rabbit heads out to find Kitty and get her a gift to make up for the previous oversight. The problem is that, along the way, Rabbit makes a new friend in Doggy (yep, a little dog) and gets slightly sidetracked, heading off for an adventure which doesn’t involve finding Kitty.

So, Rabbit is a questionable character. For a fluffy bunny, I would have expected more thoughtfulness. Still, this is the story and what follows is a mostly charming tale that explores relationships and friendships. There is a strong relevance to real life here, with the story making the player think about their own relationships and how much they actually invest in them. Rabbit Story can get a little bit dark in places, but again this reflects real life. Not everything is fluffy bunny tails and carrots. While Rabbit Story can be enjoyed by a huge range of age groups, there is a certain maturity to the story that will make it more relevant to older gamers.


But that is not to say that there isn’t plenty here that a youngster could enjoy. They could still learn lessons about relationships, and the joyous visual style would certainly raise a smile on any face. Rabbit Story is cute and colourful to look at. The woodland setting is bright and easy to explore, while the different characters are well animated and filled with charm. From visuals alone, Rabbit Story could easily be a kids game.

The same really applies to the gameplay. Only the mouse is needed, with the player clicking on the screen where they want Rabbit to go. There is not much more to say about the actual gameplay mechanics, they really are that simple. There are a couple of mini games through the course of the game that break up the narrative a bit, and collectibles that will give access to a secret level are hidden throughout which will possibly give the player a reason to come back and play through again.

Which is quite important as the game is really very easy and very short. There is no challenge to the game, with the focus being much more on the narrative and the story it tells. Add to this the fact that the game can be finished in one small sitting, barely stretching over an hour, and most players will need a good reason to go back for more. The collectibles are a good reason, so long as the player doesn’t find them all in their first run through, which is highly possible.


But it still remains that Rabbit Story is a very short game, not really living up to the current £5.99 price tag on Steam. There is no challenge to the gameplay, but the game does tell a really nice story, one that actually has more meaning behind it than most videogames around. Rabbit Story is a charming casual game that makes the player think about their own lives, it is just a shame that it is over so quickly.




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