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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 19 - 2017

Running through the mushrooms.

It has been a few years since Bethesda launched The Elder Scrolls Online and while the MMO got off to a rocky start, time has been kind and improved the game no end. Through a healthy number of patches and additional content, both free and paid for by the more invested players, this massively multiplayer online RPG has become something quite enjoyable, and something to lose many hours in. The combat is enjoyable, for an MMO, and the game seems to welcome both those who like to play alone alongside those looking to join guilds and adventure with others. Of course, it also happens to be set in the gloriously detailed world created for the other Elder Scrolls games such as Skyrim and Oblivion, which can’t hurt for the thousands of players who likely sank huge chunks of their lives into these games.


Being an MMO, ESO has a massive world with an absolute abundance of interesting places to visit and exciting things to do, both alone and with friends. However, that huge amount of content has grown with the first major expansion – Morrowind. Long time Elder Scrolls fans will know that Morrowind was the third game in the series, and with this expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, players both old and new will be able to visit the famous setting of Vvardenfell, albeit some 700 years prior to the events in The Elder Scrolls III.

It is for those older gamers that the Morrowind expansion will have the most impact. The island of Vvardenfell has been beautifully recreated for the MMO. Sure, there are some differences, mostly due to the fact that this is set so far in the past from the original game. But this doesn’t stop the nostalgia from rolling in as players explore the familiar setting.

For those who never invested in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, this expansion still brings plenty to get excited about. A whole new area to explore for starters, packed with strange alien landscapes and bizarre creatures. Even without any substantial changes to the gameplay, any additional content is a good thing in my mind, freshening the game up for players who may have become bored.


Continuing with the theme that Elder Scrolls Online is not just for the sociable players, there is ample content here for the solo player, including a lengthy main story that will occupy most players for the better part of thirty hours. The story revolves around a living god called Vivec whose divine energy is being siphoned away and the player will find themselves exploring the whole island as they get to the bottom of this mystery. It’s a great, involving story, which is complimented by the huge number of side quests that players can pick up, which are equally well written. Add this to the new dungeons that come with the expansion, and you have enough content to keep most players occupied for a long time.

The best thing is that Vvardenfell is accessible by any player, no matter what their level. In most MMOs, expansions tend to be only for those that have reached a high level, locking the majority of the content away from new players. For Morrowind however, everyone is welcome to explore this magical new area, or even begin their adventure in Vvardenfell with a new character.

And what better character to create than one from the new Warden class. This is the first new class added to the game and it offers a fair amount of versatility thanks to three interesting skill trees. Catering to different playstyles, the Warden player can focus healing spells, defense through ice magic, or summoning creatures to help in battle.

For players who want to vent their aggression on real players, Morrowind introduces the new PvP Battlegrounds. These modes offer something smaller and more condensed than the other PvP offerings, with arena-based battles played across a selection of different modes by teams of four. While I am not a huge fan of PvP, Battlegrounds is a great way to test yourself against other players without having to invest the time.


Morrowind is a good addition to an already great MMORPG. It may not make any massive changes to the core game, so if you didn’t enjoy ESO before Morrowind, nothing will change with the expansion. However, it adds more content for the fans, which is easily accessible no matter how long they have been playing. For older gamers, the nostalgia is great, and for those new to Vvardenfell, it is a mysterious and exciting location. New or old, Morrowind is an inviting expansion that should hit the spot for Elder Scrolls Online fans.




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