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Agents Of Mayhem

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 24 - 2017

As much mayhem as your average Saints game.

Agents of Mayhem is an open world action adventure game, with a hint of RPG thrown in, and was developed by Volition, the lunatics behind the Saints Row games, and the influence of those games is quite apparent from the very beginning.


I don’t know if it is the copious use of purple that seems to bathe the game, or the abundant juvenile humour that rolls out at every possible opportunity, most of which is just not that funny, but even without knowing that Volition was behind Agents of Mayhem, the connection is very obvious. However, despite the influences, Agents of Mayhem manages to carve out its own identity with a varied cast of flawed characters and a Saturday morning cartoon theme that certainly isn’t for the kids.

Following on from one of the endings from a Saints Row game, in Agents of Mayhem, players will take control of a selection of members of MAYHEM, an organisation that is currently involved with trying to thwart the plans of the evil LEGION. Each of these organisations are packed with larger than life characters that are quite happy to use bad language, no matter which side of the good and evil divide they fall on.

So, the player will begin the game with three agents to choose from, but there are quite a selection of other agents to be unlocked as the player progresses through their own missions. Each of the agents come with their own play style and set of skills, and they can all be leveled up and customised to the players own style. Most of the missions will involve the player choosing a team of three agents, and the player can switch between these agents as they wish during the course of the mission.


The missions themselves are reasonably varied, and the open world setting is strewn with all manner of different diversions. But it is the action itself where the game really shines. The third-person gun play is incredibly chaotic and loads of fun. Endless waves of enemies swarm upon agents, while explosions all around tend to make the action difficult to see, in an action packed kind of way. The shooting feels precise and weighty, and as each agent brings with them their own type of weapon, it can be incredibly varied. Then there are all manner of over-the-top moves and the ability to triple jump, meaning that things move on very quickly. Anyone who has played the Saints Row games will feel comfortable in the combat even as they get used to all of the different abilities and switching between characters. Players are truly by themselves in these situations though, as the additional characters that the player has taken into the mission with them are not controlled by an AI or anything, they are simply teleported in and out as the player switches, which is a bit strange, but probably not the strangest thing in the game.

Missions take place in an open world map based in a futuristic Seoul. The problem here lies in the fact that future Seoul is just not a very interesting place. The locations feel generic and quite dull. Players will find themselves traveling all over the map to reach missions and objectives, but are able to drive if they wish by summoning their secret spy car, or even pinching a car from the road. The driving is good, if a little over-the-top, but that fits in with the rest of the game.

Completing missions will take the player back to the expansive hub area, where players will be able to explore any goodies they may have picked up during their mission. Progression flows consistently, with agents constantly improving and becoming stronger, which is a great incentive for players to keep going. Add this to the huge amount of customisation and the deep crafting systems, and any issues with the juvenile humour or unmemorable open world setting can be quickly forgotten.


While Agents of Mayhem may have some problems, there is also a lot to be excited about. The action is relentless and fun, and almost anyone should find a character that they like to play as from the memorable selection available. In keeping with the more recent Saints Row games, Agents of Mayhem is utterly ridiculous but incredibly enjoyable. For Saints fans or those looking for mindless action, consider signing up with MAYHEM and saving the world.




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