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GIOTECK’s New TX Range

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 16 - 2017

GGUK take a look at a new range of peripherals from Gioteck and realise sometimes it is the little things that make a difference. Come get some.

Gioteck, peripheral makers extraordinaire, have been making peripherals for console gamers for an age now, providing small and helpful solutions for pretty much every platform. Things may have been quiet for a while, but now the company is back and shouting from the rooftops about their new tactical TX range of gaming gubbins. GGUK received an imposing wooden box containing some samples of the range, phase one of their roll out if you will. Check out Turtlegirl’s unboxing before I cast a more critical eye over the contents –


So yeah, it’s all very aggressive and militaristic, but each of these peripherals has a role on the battlefield for the gamer. Strangely enough, the most exciting item here for me is a cable…

TX-Viper, Anti-Twist, Play & Charge Breakaway Cable


While the idea of spending out on a cable for connecting your controller to your console, when one is usually provided with the console itself, may seem a little extravagant, anyone who has suffered a loss as a result of people tripping on a cable strewn across the floor will understand the importance of a cable designed to break. Personally, I witnessed 11 hours worth of a Final Fantasy game disappear in the blink of an eye and the slip of a foot some years back, when someone tripped on a controller cable, pulled the entire console off the shelf and caused some kind of Final Fantasy catastrophe. It’s a real thing.

Wireless controllers are a thing now, but they still need to be charged and why why should the fun stop just because a battery is going flat? I have to say that the TX-Viper is an incredibly sexy cable, reminding me very much of a thin slow-worm. The cable is two meters in length, which is plenty long enough for most uses, but brilliantly has a join half way along its length which can break apart should it get snagged on a foot or the like.

The cable is also incredibly difficult to tangle up, which given how much time I spend detangling wires, is greatly appreciated. The construction is sturdy, with nice solid moulded plastic plugs and a metallic feel to the cable that suggests it will out live us all.

There is little more that can be said about a cable, but the fact that it has been designed to counter at least two very specific problems makes it a worthwhile purchase.

TX-Wide Grips


I must admit that I am struggling to find a similar enthusiasm for the Wide Grips, a pair of medial grade silicone grips that can be added to your controller to add extra size and grip. The grips are available in both Xbox One and PS4 flavours and are easy to fit thanks to small sticky tabs on the inside, and easy to remove without any damage to the controller.

The thing is, these are primarily designed for gamers with larger hands. I have large hands, but the PS4 and Xbox One controllers are of a similar size to previous generation controllers, and for a long time I have been quite comfortable using them. Over time, people do adjust and get used to things. Adding the wide grips to my controllers, it was difficult to tell if they felt any more comfortable in my hands, but they did feel unusual, which would mean another period of getting used to something new. They did, over time, feel more natural, but I really couldn’t say if they were better than before.

I will say that my grip on the controller felt more solid thanks to the feel of the silicone. They also looked pretty good, and added an extra 10mm to the sides of the gamepad, making it much more imposing.

TX-Sniper Thumbs


Another solution to a common problem, replacement thumb grips. I picked up my PS4 at launch, and it didn’t take long for the rubbery covering on the thumb sticks to simply peel away. Since then, I have been using thumb grips to make the controller usable. The TX-Sniper Thumbs offer a solution for this common issue with a little more flair.

A pack of TX-Sniper Thumbs includes three pairs of different sized thumb grips, which is important as these are no ordinary rubbery discs. Again constructed from medical grade silicone, these grips are easy to slip onto the thumb sticks and quite solid once they are on. They can be removed without any problems and can be twisted around to suit the needs of the player. The important thing is that they have a groove from one side to the other, and this is why choosing the right size is important – the players thumb sits inside the groove, giving unprecedented precision.

I have been using them for a while, and I have to say they are quite impressive. Once in the right position, the thumb doesn’t slip or slide even during heavy gaming sessions, and I did feel more in control in certain games. However, in games where the emphasis is not always on using the two sticks almost exclusively, the cupping nature of the thumbs does slow down movement from the sticks to the buttons. Also, opinions were divided among friends as to how comfortable they felt.

TX-1 Tactical Comms Headset


The final offering in Gioteck’s new range so far, is a headset. This is a small, light weight mono headset designed to be plugged directly into the controller and worn on either the left or right. It features a noise cancelling mic, an external on-ear speaker, a rubberized coating that feels lovely, and an anti-tangle cable that features inline volume control and mute function.

As someone is is quite used to using a full on headset, it was surprisingly liberating to use this incredibly light device attached to only one ear. Of course, you don’t get the immersion from having full surround sound, or even stereo sound, but for simple communication, it does the job well. It has a rubbery loop that slips around the ear to hold it in place. I must admit that at first the loop didn’t feel especially secure and I worried that the headset would slip off. However, I think it was the lack of weight that confused me, as the headset held in place for extended gaming sessions, and I quite forgot it was there at times.

The TX-1 works really well for what it is, and really is quite comfortable to use. In the box, it even comes with a selection of camo stickers that can be used to customise the look of the headset, which is a nice little extra.

Gioteck’s TX Tactical range is currently available to purchase from Shopto. Find out more about Gioteck and their new range on their official website and FaceBook page. Come Get Some!


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