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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 18 - 2017

More retro action with Capcom’s little blue guy.

Nostalgia is a strong force in the gaming world, where hours of fun and enjoyment, and even frustration, can often dictate our gaming choices many years later. Anyone who has been gaming for more than a decade will likely have some knowledge of Capcom’s Mega Man platformers, and if your love of gaming has spanned a couple of decades or more, then you will likely have a favorite Mega Man game from the extensive library. You will also have a least favorite, and probably have an opinion of every other core game and spin-off that Capcom has released.


And you will also likely be lamenting the fact that there hasn’t been a new Mega Man game in such a long time. While waiting, blaster in hand, Capcom have continued what they started a couple of years ago by dropping another collection of emulated classic Mega Man games for the latest generation of consoles. Mega Man Legacy Collection brought Mega Man 1-6 together in a bundle for players old and new to enjoy, and now Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 rounds things out by bringing Mega Man 6-10 to PS4, Xbox One and PC. For the fans, expanding their collection and enjoying all of the extra goodies included really would be a no-brainer, especially if this collection happens to include the Mega Man game that you consider is your favorite. Those new to Mega Man, by which I mean anyone of a more youthful disposition, you may only be getting four games in this bundle compared to the six available in the original Legacy Collection, but you will have to play them all just to find out which is your favorite. Either way, be prepared for some testing platform action, which will likely be far more frustrating than you remember.

While the switch from six games to just four may seem a little cheap on Capcom’s part, the way that the Legacy Collection 2 is made up kind of makes sense. The first collection was made up of games released on the NES, but this time around things move forward. Mega Man 7 made its appearance on the SNES for starters, while Mega Man 8 jumped again to the likes of the PS1. Mega Man 9 & 10 arrived relatively recently, coming to Xbox360, PS3 and Wii, but were made to be more like the original games, with an 8-bit style and less by way of bells and whistles.


So which of the games is best? Well, that really does come down solely to the player. Each of the games has its issues, such as the zoomed in view in Mega Man 7 or the laughable voice acting in Mega Man 8, but they all have their highlights as well. They are also all very solid examples of the genre, and anyone who enjoys the type of difficult platforming that allows the player to learn from their mistakes and actually earn their progress will find plenty here to like. Work your way through tricky levels and fight exciting bosses before doing it all again. The formula is simple, but works well. Each of the games brings new ideas to evolve the formula, some of which work, while some will be gladly forgotten, and the visuals change from one to another, but the core gameplay remains solid throughout.

While you will most likely pick up the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 to relive past glories, or simply to see what all of the fuss is about, the four games that have been faithfully emulated here, without any problems, are not all that the collection has to offer. It is nice that the players are able to choose whether to play the games in border, or have them stretch to fit the screen, offering two very different looks.

A challenge mode is included for those that want to test their Mega Man skills out, with timed challenges or boss battles. Then there is the Museum that will give players a glimpse into the past of Mega Man, including concept art and sketches, and the Music Player will allow gamers to enjoy the excellent soundtracks.


The original Mega Man Legacy Collection has more games and certainly ticks the nostalgia box more with me, but Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is still a well made bundle of the later games in the core Mega Man series. For the older players, it really does depend on which game is your favorite as to whether this collection will be of interest. But for new players, or those who have tried out and enjoyed the games in the original collection, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is a great little bundle of retro goodness. Find your own favorite while we sit and wait for a new Mega Man game.




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