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Hypernova: Escape From Hadea

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 15 - 2017

RTS and tower defence, all to save a race of green Jar Jar Binks-alikes.

Hypernova: Escape from Hadea, from developers Actalogic, is an RTS game with a healthy dose of tower defense and resource gathering/management thrown in. And all of this takes place in the incredibly vibrant setting of Hadea’s moon, Haya.


It is pretty serious business. Hadea’s sun, Naidira, ia about to go supernova and the Scynthian race that lives on Hadea will need to escape and set up home on another planet. To do this, they will need to gather certain resources and build a giant intergalactic teleportation machine, known as the Stellar Bridge. The problem is that the materials they need are all to be found on the moon, Haya, which happens to be overrun by dangerous monsters and a thick, purple corrosive fog.

Of course, it becomes a lot less serious when it turns out that the beleaguered Scynthians happen to be strange green alien rabbit creatures that have an unfortunate similarity to Jar Jar Binks, and they all speak with a comical accent. At this point it all feels a little silly, but it does its best to inject a little humour in the game. Adding to this less than serious feel is the overall colour scheme of the game, which tends to involve a lot of bright colours that rather than giving the game an alien feel, make it seem a lot more cartoon like.

Not that all of this is a bad thing, mind you. I think that is the game had a more serious look and toned down colours, it would not only be less unique, but also more difficult to enjoy. Hypernova is a relatively slow game to start with that players really need to invest time in, and the bright colours and silly aliens alleviate any boredom that would come from the early game.


Players that are familiar with RTS games will be able to pick up the basics quite quickly in Hypernova, but there is guidance available for the newcomers that will soon have them up to speed.

The aim of the entire game is to eventually build the Stellar Bridge, but that is a long way down the line and will require a whole lot of work. Players will need to build up their settlement on the moon, slowly building up the population to reach the number required to successfully colonize a new planet. The purple fog not only acts as a fog of war in the game, but is also a feature in that the player will need to build air purifiers to remove the fog and open up new areas to build in. There are a number of different resources that the player will have to collect through the course of the game, and they are not always easy to find in the landscape.

A quite involved skill tree will give the player access to new buildings that will further expand their settlement and allow the use of new technologies. The placement of buildings is as important as which buildings the player creates. Some buildings need to be close to other buildings to function. But, more importantly, players have to take into account the alien monsters that will want to destroy their settlement.


This is where the tower defense aspect of the game comes in. Pathways thread the map, along which alien monsters will come, intent on destroying buildings and eating Scynthians. So players not only have to worry about the placement of their buildings in conjunction with other buildings, and getting enough room to keep building up the population, but they also have to leave room to build turrets in advantageous positions to beat back the alien menace. The waves of monsters are quite continuous, and gradually get more and more difficult to deal with, forcing players to think carefully about where to put turrets to offer the most protection. Then you have boss monsters to deal with as well, as if life as a Scynthian wasn’t difficult enough.

While the combination of mechanics may not be to everyone’s taste, it does work quite well. As already mentioned, the game is quite slow to begin with, and the player will feel throttled in their expansion. However, after a few hours, the pace really does pick up and before too long it begins to feel like all hell has broken loose as massive waves of monsters constantly threaten to overwhelm the settlement. The game does go from too easy to extremely challenging quite suddenly. A happy medium would have been more inviting for the less experienced players, but fans of the genre will find plenty to get excited about once they reach the mid game.


Hypernova: Escape from Hadea is a great tower defense RTS hybrid that brings some new ideas and quite a unique theme. It is, however, quite a long game that suffers with a slow start before the challenge and the pace pick up. Invest some time though, and Hypernova: Escape from Hadea proves to be an enjoyable experience that is worth the cost of entry.




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