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Culdcept Revolt

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 9 - 2017

A magical board game.

The Culdcept games have been floating around on the periphery of the videogame world for quite some years now and although I consider myself lucky enough to have stumbled upon these great games a couple of console generations ago, for many this digital board game will have gone by unnoticed. Now, with Omiya Soft launching Culdcept Revolt on the 3DS for the 20th anniversary of the game, perhaps more gamers will be able to enjoy the complexity of this magical Monopoly game.


Best described as a Monopoly style board game with a healthy dose of Magic: The Gathering, there is a lot to understand in Culdcept Revolt, and it can be a little intimidating for newcomers. Fortunately, a selection of tutorials await any newcomers that want to learn the basics, and given the amount of time between Culdcept games, even those who already know the game would be best to jump in and refresh their skills.

The concept is quite easy to understand. Players move from match to match, which is played on a board that the player moves around according to the roll of a pair of dice. Any empty space that the player lands on can be claimed by placing a creature on it. Land on an owned space and the player will have to pay a toll, or send out a creature to fight the creature residing there. Win the battle to claim the space. Lose the battle and lose the creature, and still have to pay the toll. See, simple.

Of course, it does get substantially more complex than that. Players have a deck of cards that contain their monsters. The monsters have different elemental types, which can provide bonuses if they are placed on a matching space. Players also have spell cards that can have various effects on the opponents or the game, and there are various equipment cards that can be used to improve either an attacking or defending monster. Spaces can be upgraded, increasing the toll cost, and as the player works their way through the campaign, more and more different spaces are added to further complicate things.


The campaign adds in a story, but to be honest it is not really that interesting. There is something to do with the hero having amnesia, but it really doesn’t matter, because the campaign does a great job of slowly introducing new concepts so the player can prepare for the multiplayer games. The AI is quite forgiving most of the time (bad dice rolls not withstanding), so getting to play against other real world players is where the excitement ramps up. Culdcept Revolt offers up to four-player local and online matches. There are also single matches against opponents from the story, if online or local play is unavailable.

Playing against other real players is a great way to check out possible deck setups. The deck building side of the game is very complete, as players are able to buy packs of cards with their winnings and create their own custom decks of 50 cards to play with. There are a huge number of different cards, and sorting through to find all of the cards that works well together is a substantial task, but one that deck building fans will really enjoy. The player starts with a decent 50 card deck, so the deck building can be as light or complex as they wish.

Culdcept Revolt does suffer terribly from the randomness of the dice rolls. A string of bad dice rolls can easily spell doom for the player, while managing good rolls can leave the player streaking ahead. The quality of a player’s card deck can mitigate the negative effects of bad dice rolls somewhat, and obviously skill at the game plays a factor. But still, chance plays a major role in Culdcept Revolt and players who avoid chance based games will likely find this to be far too frustrating.


Culdcept Revolt is a welcome release on the 3DS. The game has been around in different forms for some 20 years, and it deserves to be enjoyed by as many gamers as possible. It is a game that players will take time to master, but if you can get past the randomness of a dice roll, it is a fulfilling journey. A familiar concept given a fantastical upgrade, Culdcept Revolt is one that board game fans should not miss.




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