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Kirby Battle Royale

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 23 - 2017

Another pink puffball game.

Nintendo really do squeeze all that they can out of their iconic characters. There is no other company that will take a character from one game type, and then drop them into all manner of different game types with such joyful abandon. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see my favorite pink puffball hero popping up in different genres, or Mario taking on the likes of platforming, driving, various sports and even turn-based strategy, but I wouldn’t be averse to the idea of Nintendo creating a few new heroes. Still, there you go, while we wait for a new hero to rise from Nintendo HQ, we now have Kirby appearing in Kirby Battle Royale, a collection of minigames on the 3DS.


Despite the collection of minigames being the main focus of the game, Kirby Battle Royale includes a story mode of sorts. In it, Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee enter King Dedede’s tournament to win a giant cake, as you do when you are a pink puffball. Obviously King Dedede isn’t going to make it easy and, with the help of his cloning machine, pumps out all manner of different coloured Kirby’s to oppose our round hero. It’s not exactly deep and meaningful as far as stories go, but it is what we come to expect from Kirby’s world and is light and fluffy enough to be enjoyed by players of all ages.

From this point on, the player indulges in minigame after minigame to score points and move up through the leagues. This story mode offers players an extended tutorial of sorts, in which they can play all of the different minigames and get used to all of Kirby’s gradually unlocked abilities. There are a nice selection of different abilities available as the player progresses, all of which change the form of Kirby, from the basic sword Kirby, through to the likes of hammer Kirby and beetle Kirby. Once all of the different Kirby forms have been unlocked in the game, the player will start unlocking Boost Orbs which can be equipped to give boosts or bonuses during matches.


The minigames are reasonably varied. There are only ten of them, and the game switches them up by increasing the difficulty of the AI or offering slightly different arenas as the player progresses. The minigames can range from a simple arena battle, through to more complex tasks such as collecting apples or coins. The problem is that once the player has seen all of the ten different games, the variations don’t really make much difference and the player will have seen all that the game has to offer. They are all great fun, but short-lived.

Aside from the different Kirby forms and Boost Orbs that the player can unlock in the game, there are a few other things for the player to collect. Coins and medals are handed out, there are other characters to unlock for use in other modes, and there are even cosmetic items that can be picked up for Kirby.

The story mode will only last a few hours for most players, but a bit longer for the less accomplished gamers, which is why it could be seen as an extended tutorial, teaching the player all of the different games and abilities that they can use in the other modes. The other modes include a training mode, which is great for practicing. There is a Battle Mode which offers both single and local multiplayer battles that offer ample customization in how the battles are set up. This mode has download play, meaning that only one copy of the game is needed, which is a nice touch. The other mode is an online Battle Mode, giving players the chance to face off against other players around the world and increase their ranking.


Really, that is it. Kirby Battle Royale is an upbeat, colourful game, but it would be difficult for any game featuring Kirby not to be upbeat or colourful. It’s a nice, happy game that sadly will not last much beyond the initial playthrough of the story mode. It feels like an eShop game, yet is sold as a full price title, which will be enough to put some players off. Kirby fans out there will get some fun from this minigame collection, but for most gamers Kirby Battle Royale will be a short-lived distraction.




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