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Mushroom Wars 2

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 7 - 2017

The Shrooms are back.

RTS games on consoles traditionally don’t work so well, which is why when comes along that is actually quite good, it tends to stick in the head. The original Mushroom Wars game on PS3, all the way back in 2009, was one of those games. Sure, it was a simple take on the RTS formula, but it turned out to be really good fun, if a little short lived. Zillion Whales have now released a sequel on Steam. Mushroom Wars 2 may not yet be on the consoles, but the Steam version of the game brings that same ease of play that will work incredibly well when it does make it to PS4 or Xbox One, along with some new additions to add more layers to the enjoyable gameplay.


Set in a massive mushroom kingdom (not that one), four tribes of mushrooms are constantly at war with one another. You don’t really need much more of a story to go with that, they are mushrooms and they are fighting.

Mushroom Wars 2 includes a fairly sizeable campaign along with a selection of multiplayer modes for those who need to prove their mushroom superiority. The campaign is a nice touch as it includes a slow burn tutorial that introduces the player to all the ins and outs of marshaling a mushroom army. There are more than 100 missions in total, and while most of them follow the same basic formula, there are a few surprises thrown in, such as boss battles, and the easy going nature of the gameplay keeps the repetition to a minimum. That being said, the campaign does last ages. Multiplayer comes in a variety of different modes, with players able to team up or fight against others. The campaign is where players will learn the ropes, while multiplayer matches are going to be the reason to keep coming back to the game.


Anyone who played the original will quickly feel at home with these mushroom warriors. At its most simple, this is a game of superior numbers. The player controls a village, for example, which slowly generates mushroom warriors. To take over an enemy or neutral village, simply order more warriors to invade that village than are already there. Using the mouse, although the gamepad is supported, it is just a matter of clicking your own village and then clicking an enemy village to watch all of the mushrooms from your village head over to the other village. The wheel on the mouse can change between sending 100% of the troops, or 75%, 50% and 25%, giving the player control over how many remain behind to defend. It really can be that easy.

Sacrificing a few mushrooms to upgrade a village building will allow both an increased capacity and the faster generation of mushroom warriors. Most single screen maps have multiple buildings, so as the game progresses, more and more mushrooms come under the players control. Things also move very quickly, with a race to grab as many neutral buildings as possible right from the get go. There is no hanging around, especially when it comes to the multiplayer matches, so be ready!


Adding layers of strategy to an otherwise simple game, there are towers to capture that will will fire upon enemy troops within their area of effect, and they can be upgraded. Then there are forges that offer handy upgrades. Finally, there are heroes. Each tribe has its own selection of heroes that come equipped with four special abilities powered by the death of mushrooms. These abilities really can be game changers, having an impact on either troops or buildings, and can turn the tide of battle. There is also a morale system which can offer buffs to the player depending on how many stars they have, but I didn’t really find this had much of an impact on the battles, mostly because they are over too quickly for me to notice.

This really is one of the highlights of the game. Matches can be over in under five minutes, which means that players can squeeze in much more mushroom domination into their gaming sessions. Of course, they can last longer, but the game is really designed towards the quick hit matches.

Visually, Mushroom Wars 2 looks great. It has a nice playful feel to it, despite the game being focused on wholesale mushroom slaughter. The different tribes are quite distinctively coloured, so they are easy to tell apart, and the backdrops are pleasant without being distracting.


Mushroom Wars 2 is a really addictive little RTS game. It really does embody the “easy to learn, difficult to master” format as there is plenty of depth hidden beneath the surface, and discovering new tactics through multiplayer matches is part of the appeal. The single player game will appeal to the more casual crowd, but may become a little too repetitive for proper RTS fans. But the multiplayer is really where the game shines. Pick up Mushroom Wars 2 and prove you are a Fungi.




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