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Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 14 - 2017

Invoking memories of my last camping trip.

Having already made an appearance on PC and mobile devices, Blue Wizard Digital’s murderous puzzle game has now arrived on Xbox One and PS4. This version of Slayaway Camp brings with it a whole bundle of DLC in the form of the Butcher’s Cut, extending what is already a very content packed game. So, let’s make sure that all of those campers come to a grisly end.


Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut is a sliding puzzle game, the sort where players move the target in one of four directions, and the target will keep moving in that direction until they reach an obstacle. In Slayaway Camp, the player will be moving a psychotic serial killer as they try to murder campers before getting to the exit point on each level, and all within a certain number of moves. Each level is presented as an individual puzzle, and players will have to work out how to overcome whatever obstacles they are presented with in order to commit the murders and get out. They will need to negotiate how they approach their victims, as they don’t want them running away, while also moving around fences and the like, avoiding hazards such as camp fires, and of course keeping away from the police or SWAT. As each level is completed, new obstacles are included to ramp up the difficulty, although a rewind feature ensures that players will not have to start again from the beginning if they make a mistake. With more than 300 puzzles to work through, this would be every serial killers favorite sliding puzzle game for a long time to come.

The game has an overall theme paying homage to popular slasher movies. The killer, Skullface, seems to have stepped straight out of one of these movies, and the murder animations can be quite brutal, with plenty of over the top blood splatter. The levels are all joined together to create a movie of sorts, which is a bit of fun, but players with a more delicate disposition are able to turn down the gore if they wish.


As the player works through the levels, they will have the chance to earn coins after each puzzle that can be used for various purchases, such as new skins for the killer. These skins take some very obvious influence from popular movie killers, and poke a little fun at them. The coins can also be used to unlock new kill packs, giving more variety to the murder animations, and they can also be used to provide help to any players struggling with a particular level. In exchange for some of these coins, players can get hints or even a complete walkthrough for whichever level they are stuck on. The main problem is that everything is quite expensive, and players wanting to unlock all that the game has to offer cosmetically will have to put in some grind by redoing levels in order to earn enough coins.

Visually, the game has a pixelated isometric view, which adds a lot of humour to the otherwise gruesome subject matter. It is bright and colourful for the most part, which is what you want from a slasher puzzle game, and everything is easy to distinguish. The expressions on the faces of the victims and their reactions are priceless, and the gore is softened by the pixelated aesthetic.


Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut is a fun little puzzle game with an interesting theme. The whole slasher side of things will not be for everyone, and the puzzles can get repetitive as there are so many of them, but I think it is fairly obvious what sort of game this is. It’s a lot of juvenile fun, and the game is nicely put together with a good level of polish and loads of content. If you fancy solving puzzles with an extra helping of psychotic murder, then Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut should tick all of your blood-soaked boxes.




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Set to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 15th.


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