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Fe coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on February 16

Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 11 - 2018

Zoink Games has revealed Fe will launch on February 16 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Origin.


Fe is a new type of platform adventure where the story is up to you to discover, without handholding, told wordlessly through the discoveries you make during gameplay.

At the heart of the experience is a tactile, analogue song mechanic that allows you to communicate and speak to every living thing in the forest.

Learn a diverse array of animal cries that allow you to befriend or manipulate any creature – even plants. Have birds guide you, bears fight for you and have plants grow berries that help you overcome the Silent Ones.

Run, climb, and glide your way through a dark Nordic forest and explore its living, breathing world filled with secrets, legends and mystical creatures.

Become Fe and discover a world that you will never want to leave.

Key Features

Speak the Language of the Forest
Sing in tune with any animal or plant in the world of Fe.
Master a diverse array of cries to befriend the fantastical flora & fauna in the forest and let them help you on your journey.
Use the Joy-con motion controls to sing in tune with creatures and plants to unlock new abilities.
Leverage a mix of these abilities to unlock and traverse new areas of the forest.
Each song has a distinct sound and feel thanks to HD rumble, so you can experience each encounter in a different way.
Each having uniquely distinct attributes, abilities and behaviours that aid the players progression.
A World Worth Exploring
Embark on a voyage of discovery in a sprawling forest, where everything is connected, and nothing is what it first seems.
Meet, interact & rescue wondrous animals & plants from the menacing Silent Ones in a variety of visually stunning, memorable and lovable environments.
Secret places, hidden artifacts, old ruins, shortcuts and powers makes exploring fun even when you’re not finding “the way forward”.
Powers enable you to perk up Fe with up to 10 unique abilities that make traversing the world a breeze.
Fe has 8 main quests, 8 songs/cries to master & 8 interconnected areas to explore.
Uncover the Mysteries of Nature
Aid fantastical creatures in hand-crafted short stories with multiple solutions.
Make unexpected discoveries on your journey through the forest, unravel the mysteries of the Silent Ones whilst slowly learning the secret of Fe’s origin.
The entire story of Fe is open for your own interpretation and through minimal handholding and tutorials leaving you to make your own discoveries.
Unparalleled Freedom of Exploration
Gracefully glide from tree to tree.
Use stealth and agility to evade danger, spy on nature & hide in the shadows from the Silent Ones.
Climb your way to treetops to plan your next move.
Effortlessly traverse the entire forest without loading screens.

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