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Nendoroid Generation Trailer

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Cake Bash Launches on Switch on November 19

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Pac-Man Hits London

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First Yakuza 5 Screenshots Released

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Snail Games has announced that ARK Park, the VR adventure title will launch on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR on March 22.

ark park

ARK Park allows HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift users to interact with the majestic creatures last seen in the popular action-adventure survival game ARK: Survival Evolved – fulfilling the dream of meeting living, breathing dinosaurs “face-to-face” through a series of exquisite VR-powered theme-park attractions. Voice-overs and subtitles will be in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Designed from the ground up as a stunningly realistic dinosaur theme park simulation, ARK Park allows players to freely traverse the grounds without any restrictions whatsoever. There’s no set plot or schedule to follow; you can choose how and where to go next at all times – exploring the prehistoric park at your own pace.

Key Features

Explore a variety of maps without a linear storyline.
Collect eggs and incubate them to raise your own little dinosaurs.
Find materials such as Dinosaur DNA and trade them to craft useful items and more powerful weapons.
Defend the park and its vital technology from rampaging dinosaurs across 6 distinct levels!
Revisit the dinosaurs from the popular title ARK: Survival Evolved.

Additional Highlights

Exploration – Tour distinctive primal environments solo or with a group of friends. These excursions can be relaxing and challenging at the same time. Step into the tropical rainforests, snow-covered mountains, and expansive plains – along with the dinosaurs that call these habitats home!
Gene Collecting – Visitors may collect “Gene Cubes” from the many extinct creatures during excursions. However, collecting all of them can be challenging due to the reclusive habits of particular species. Determined visitors will need to use a combination of puzzle-solving, exploration, and careful resource management to bag the most prized animals. The gene cubes are necessary for unlocking blueprints, which can be used to craft tools, lures, items and weapons.
Dinosaur Breeding – Incubate the eggs you collect and raise your own little dinosaurs. Gather food to keep them fed and watch them grow. You may also spray paint your dinosaur using the warpaint system from ARK: Survival Evolved. Nothing beats the feeling of going on dinosaur rides as your baby dinosaur grows into adulthood
Combat – In Story Mode, something goes wrong with the park’s Brainwave Device – resulting in herds of rampaging dinosaurs everywhere. You and your friends must defend the base (and other humans) with custom-made weaponry – including a selection of melee and ranged weapons, along with other highly-effective combat items. Swords, spears, pistols, scatterguns, and grenades will be available at launch.
Multiplayer Gameplay – Excursions are much easier to complete when players can brainstorm and search for secrets together. More difficult Hunting Maps require close collaboration and teamwork for best results!

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