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Forged Battalion (Early Access)

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 19 - 2018

A look at Petroglyph’s latest RTS, currently on Steam Early Access.

Forged Battalion. Now there’s a title that just screams “RTS”, which is quite handy as Forged Battalion is the latest RTS from developers Petroglyph and publishers Team17. With what we have already established is an excellent title, and the likes of Team17 and Petroglyph behind it, Forged Battalion is surely a real-time strategy game that fans of the genre should be watching.


And watching the progress of Forged Battalion is quite easy as the game is now available to purchase through the Steam Early Access program, allowing players to jump on board and get hands on with the game in its early form, while also helping the developers to shape the game as development progresses. Of course, this means that the game is not yet in its finished form, and may well have some features missing or bugs to deal with. But really, how is that any different from a finished game?

I jest. Seriously though, despite what is a fair amount of work still for the developers to do, Forged Battalion is already playable and gives players plenty of idea of what is to come in the completed game. Petroglyph are suggesting that Forged Battalion will stay in Early Access for around six months as they add to the features and iron out any problems, and considering the the experience of Petroglyph as a developer, I would not be surprised to see a finished product even earlier than that.


But what is it that Forged Battalion offers gamers? Well, we have already established that the game is an RTS. Forged Battalion is set towards the end of the 21st century and a story that accompanies the campaign talks about climate change and an all-powerful military force known as “The Collective”. Of course, players will form part of a resistance against The Collective in the campaign, the beginning of which is currently available in the Early Access build. Outside of the campaign, multiplayer skirmishes are available for up to eight players, with a small variety of different modes and maps currently available.

Forged Battalion is fairly standard at first glance. Players will set down buildings that allow the creation of different unit types and turrets that can be used to either beat back the enemy, or take the fight to them. Having spent a little time with the game, it is quite easy to get to grips with and moves quickly.


However, what sets Forged Battalion apart from other RTS titles, is the ability to create your own faction. Through playing the game, players will unlock nodes on what looks to be a fairly extensive tech tree, which will allow them to customise their units to create their very own flavour of faction. Players can choose which weapon their light vehicle will take, or what type of propulsion the aircraft use, and many more options between.The more that the game is played, the more nodes on the tech tree are unlocked, giving access to yet more options for the players army. There will be a lot of grinding needed to get everything unlocked, but grinding doesn’t hurt as long as it is fun. Players are able to create four different versions of the four different units, giving them a total of 16 units to use in battle.

The visuals and sound are already pretty good in the game. Forged Battalion is nice and colourful. The units are easy to tell apart, and the different customisations on vehicles make little changes to the models that players will be able to see once they know what to look for. The current crop of skirmish maps are a little lacklustre, but this is Early Access and with the integration of Steam Workshop, I am sure it will not be long before players are being overwhelmed with maps.


It is early days yet for Forged Battalion, but already there is a nicely polished game waiting to be played. There are some features missing, and there is still some tweaking to be done, but Forged Battalion is heading in a direction that will make RTS fans, and specifically fans of C&C, very happy indeed.

Forged Battalion is currently available on Steam Early Access, priced at £15.49.


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