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Rise Of Industry (Early Access)

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 22 - 2018

Supply the demand.

Armchair industrialists may have had a difficult time of late finding new ways to exercise their inner supply chains. Fans of Transport Tycoon style games have not been left with much choice, which could be why Dapper Penguin Studios’ Rise of Industry managed to create such a buzz over on itch.io as it worked its way through various Alpha builds. Now though, Rise of Industry is available on Steam Early Access and, while the game still has a long way to go before a full release, Steam gamers who want to flex their logistical muscles can now enjoy a very nice looking tycoon game.


And that is one of the first things that hit the player when they start up Rise of Industry – how nice the game looks. For a game that is all about planning supply routes and meeting the demand of a local city, RoI has a quaint, almost cute visual style. The colour scheme is soft and despite an almost “table-top” style to the buildings, transports and environments, there is a surprising amount of detail. There may still be a lot to do in the development life of Rise of Industry, but damn if the visuals don’t just hit the spot right now.

But don’t be fooled by the look of RoI’s happy little world, this is a game that will require more of a mental work out than perhaps many gamers are expecting. The concept is simple; a city needs something, so if the player can provide them with this something, then they will make money. If a city wants apples, throw some apples in the back of a truck and drop them off there. However, if everyone in the city has an apple in their pocket, then nobody will want to buy the apples and the value of the apples will go down. And what about if they want apple pie.

You see, the concept itself is simple, but the complexities of making an empire based on supply and demand are mammoth. Players can start by dropping into the tutorial, which doesn’t do a bad job of explaining the basics to the player. But there is a lot of information, and not a lot of explanation as to why, which can leave the player a little overwhelmed. I must admit that having played through the tutorial, I was left with more than a little apprehension about jumping into the full game. Building the different requirements for a finished product, laying the road and setting down depots to ensure the goods get to where they need to be, and then the micromanagement side of making sure that I deliver the right amount so as not to flood the market. It brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.


But I think the tutorial may have instilled more fear than was necessary. The game currently offers a sandbox mode and a more directed campaign, and players are able to choose from a selection of different main industries, which dictate the tech tree available. Some industries are much more involved than others, so it is worth checking through before making a decision. This is a game that is as much about planning ahead as any game I have played, even at the very beginning. Of course, planning routes and the placement of buildings will also require forward planning. But there must also be an ability to adapt as cities evolve and requirements change.

There is so much more to think about in the game, such as permits or unlocking the tech tree to create yet more complex products. The map is large and features several cities, and AI competition will also try to take their slice of the production pie. There are different forms of transport to use, covering land, sea and air, and a massive number of products already available to make and sell. Yet more features are planned, which will only build on what is already an enjoyable game.

As always with Steam Early Access games, games can be buggy or have missing features. With Rise of Industry, things seem to be running quite smoothly, and the current build is perfectly playable. There is also an expected involvement of the developers with the community, which not all developers manage to pull off well. Dapper Penguin Studios have embraced this side of the development with the enthusiasm that would be expected from a Dapper Penguin and are engaging with the community while listening to suggestions. They also appear to be updating the game regularly, building on what is already quite a solid experience.


Dapper Penguin Studios are aiming for a full release of Rise of Industry later this year, but the game is already great to play. The visuals are great, and the gameplay will only get deeper and more interesting as new features are added. It can be a little intimidating, but things are looking good for Rise of Industry. For tycoon fans, this is one to watch.

Rise of Industry can be found on Steam Early Access, currently priced at £19.99.


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